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Candles add beauty and charm to a place. Some candles are even meant for spreading fragrance everywhere. They are used as a decorative item during any events and even used as a source of light in the dark. For candle light dinner or parties, people do not use electrical lights, but want to enjoy the light of the candle. Craftsmen design candles in a beautiful way and in wonderful shapes. Candles are molds made from wax. Different types of candles available in candle stores are home candles, hospitality candles, labelled candles, personalized candles etc. the candle makers provide different types of services from candle development to candle packaging. The candle manufacturers use the best type of wax made from solid material to manufacture candles.

Home fragrance candles

The different types of home candles that are available are pop jar candles, tumbler candles, votive candles, diffusers, wax melts, , lip balms, sachets etc. The large pop jar candles are usually covered with large jars. They can usually placed in the dishwashers and are recycled using wooden lid. The tumbler candles are the candles that are placed in tumblers made of ceramic or plastic. The lip balm candles are made of different ingredients of Melissa oil. Most of these candles are scented and made from rich aromatic oil.

Hospitality candles

The hospitality candles are usually used for celebrating or solemnizing any event. They are widely used in hotels, restaurants, parties, fairs, exhibitions etc. They differ in shape, size and design. Different types of candles are used in different places. The candles used in churches are large, whereas the birthday candles are smaller. Such candles are usually packed in boxes, cases or cardboard sheets also. These candles are usually used to celebrate a mega event.

Personalized candles

Some candles are manufactured as per the specification of the customer. They are used during special occasions such as birthdays, ceremonies, or anniversary. These candles are usually manufactured from Bolsius. Such candles are usually inscribed as per the specification of the customer. The Christening candle is also a type of personalized candle only. They are inscribed with wonderful design also.

Wholesale candles

Some of such candles are lowboy candles, t-light candles, or dinner candles.

Such candle makers also supply other incense products such as votive light, charcoal, wine etc. To solemnize an event, usually many candles are required and hence they supply candles in larger quantities. Such candles are available at a discounted price.

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