How to be a smart online shopper?

Posted by Newclothing on September 8th, 2017

Spending too much that you originally intended because you were swayed by too many choices. Eagerly waiting for a t shirt, you bought online but turns out its one size too small. Well, these things happen to the best way. But with the following tips you can keep online shopping disasters to a minimum.

Have a list

Before you go online know exactly what your wardrobe requirement is. Don’t just consider what you like but what you need. You might love the comfort of your treasured pair of khaki shorts but that’s not something you will be wearing to work five times a week. In order to check yourself from overindulging, you should have a list of the things you’re online shopping for. You don’t have to do it the old way with pen and paper, but just having a clear picture in your head about the essentials will just do fine. For instance, if you know its two full sleeve t shirts, one in stripes and one with a superhero print, that you want then that saves you time and money both. We often tend to have lists when we go grocery shopping but this simple habit works just as well when you’re buying online.

Check the size guide

While e-commerce sites have made it increasingly convenient to return items you’re not fully satisfied for any reason, it’s still isn't a very enjoyable experience. Imagine you bought some t shirts online and loved them all. But when they arrive you find that it looks like you borrowed your kid brother’s clothes. One of the biggest reasons that customers return clothing bought online is because of wrong size. Men’s clothing sizes differ from brand to brand, so before you add any item to your shopping cart, make sure you check the size guide. It’ll save you loads of time and inconvenience.

Sign up for e-mail updates

With so many e-commerce stores, it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s happening in the online shopping world these days. The solution is easy. Sign up for e-mail updates from your favourite online stores so that you know when new arrivals come in and when there are sales going on. By signing up you’re also treated to some perks like discount coupons, first to know about limited editions etc.

Read reviews

Whether you’re buying men t shirts online or looking to stock some other basics, take precautionary measures to ensure that your hard-earned money doesn't go to waste on a product that just wasn't worth the money. However, what’s so great about the online world is that reviews and testimonials from co-shoppers are aplenty. Just Google a bit for online t shirts for men reviews and you’ll find a whole lot of information in seconds.

Use private browsing

This one’s much more than just online shopping. Keep your identity and your data safe by using private browsing. It’s a small step but it could prove to have big consequences.

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