5 Ideal Types of Used Kitchen Equipment

Posted by Joseph Rubino on September 8th, 2017

Equipping a kitchen for the first time can certainly be a stressful task. Whether you’re a small business owner, or the supervisor of a major property’s kitchen, the amount of money that has to go into a kitchen can be intimidating and restricting. However, buying Used Kitchen Equipment can take a great amount of pressure off of the financial side of equipping a new kitchen. What types of kitchen equipment is best to buy used though? This article will help you answer exactly that.

1. Griddles

A griddle might be one of the most expensive things you buy for your kitchen. As a result, buying this type of used kitchen equipment might save you a lot more than you might immediately think. Used griddles can sometimes be as much as 00 cheaper than their new models, and work just as well! Griddles are designed for durability and extensive use; as a result, used models are likely to have held up very well in comparison to some other types of kitchen equipment.

2. Steam Tables

Being another durable piece of used kitchen equipment, steam tables also have the added benefit of being comparatively “clean.” Because their purpose is to keep food warm instead of cook the food directly, steam tables are much less likely to have buildup of gunk over years of use. In the same way as used griddles, they are an expensive piece of kitchen equipment that tends to have quite the heavy price reduction when being sold used, which can mean your restaurant can focus on spending money on things that absolutely must be new.

3. Carts

Tray carts, utility carts, pan racks and the like are simple, but much needed tools in any kitchen. Because of their simple design, used models are likely to be in fantastic condition and suit the needs of your kitchen well for a much better price than new models. Additionally, even if used carts have minor cosmetic imperfections, they are not generally a customer-facing piece of equipment, so minor imperfections in their appearance is less important.

4. Signage

While not every restaurant’s needs will be fulfilled by used signage, many restaurants will be able to find used signage that can save them a lot of money, especially in the form of signs using lighting or neon. While most restaurants’ primary identifying signage will likely need to be unique, outdoor chalkboard menus, bathroom placards, and “open signs” can all be purchased used for great savings. Menu displays with slide-in panels, for example, can be incredibly expensive when bought new. Buying the display used and ordering slide-in panels unique for your restaurant can be an incredible saving.

5. Prep Tables

If your restaurant will need a lot of prep space (and many do), this category of used restaurant equipment is likely to save you a fortune. Larger models of prep tables can approach 00, which means that even minor discounts can easily outweigh entire categories of purchases in your kitchen. Quality used models are likely to be in fantastic condition and only have minor cosmetic damage, if any at all. Because they are stainless steel, they are very easy to keep sanitary, meaning that you will not have to worry yourself much with the safety of used models. Additionally, purchasing this piece of equipment used can allow your kitchen to have considerably more prep space for less money. It can be tempting to cut down prep space to save money, but buying used prevents the necessity for such a sacrifice.

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