Why Digital Inspection Monitors are a Key to Success

Posted by Lori Troyer on September 8th, 2017

You may have started your work in the drain cleaning business a while ago and have a number of loyal customers. To bring in new customers and to build that loyalty even more, consider using camera inspection technology when doing a cleaning job. Using such equipment, especially digital inspection monitors, will allow clients to see exactly what is happening within their line, which will be beneficial to your business in the long run. We will give an overwiew of some of this equipment and discuss which pieces could bring your company the most success.

Camera Reels
A camera reel is a line that has a small camera head at the end of it. Simply reel the camera line into the pipe on which you are working and the camera head will record photo and video footage of the inside of the line. This footage can be recorded on a digital inspection monitor and can then be exported to share with your clients so that they can see for themselves what exactly is happening in their drain or sewer line. This gives you digital evidence of what’s wrong in the drain prior to you cleaning it, and it gives your customers more reason to trust in your expertise, which could lead to repeat business. A well-known and respected professional tool manufacturer, RIDGID, produces the best inspection equipment available for use.

Digital Inspection Monitors
RIDGID digital inspection monitors and camera reels are some of the best camera inspection tools in the business. These products are offered in several different versions to make your job easier and your customers more comfortable. This camera inspection product line is known as “SeeSnake.” The SeeSnake reels range in length from 200 feet to 325 feet of cable and typically include 6 to 18 high-intensity LED lights to illuminate the pipe. The cameras record footage in color to make viewing and understanding the problem easier. If you make the smart decision of purchasing a camera reel, you will need one of the RIDGID digital inspection monitors to pair with it.

RIDGID’s line of SeeSnake products includes a number of different inspection monitors. All of these monitors give the user the ability to capture photos and video, to enhance and edit the captured footage, and to burn DVDs or export the footage onto a USB drive for clients to view. RIDGID manufactures a couple of laptop-integrated monitor systems. These devices allow you to use your personal laptop as a camera control unit and video monitor. This gives you the ability to control recording, image rotation, and lights right from the keyboard of your laptop computer. If you do not wish to use a laptop, they also sell digital recording monitors. These monitors give you the same capabilities as the laptop interfaces, but without the need for a laptop. Of course, these machines are more expensive as you are paying for the extra technology to make up for the lack of a laptop. Either type of the RIDGID digital inspection monitors will be of great use to you, it just depends on which makes more sense for your business.

All of these RIDGID camera inspection products are available at the always-trusted drain cleaning company Duracable Manufacturing. Shop for these products at Duracable.com, where they are known to match or beat competitor prices often. Duracable is also a certified RIDGID camera repair center, so you can trust that they know a great amount about these products and can help you if your camera breaks or malfunctions. Make the decision to buy camera inspection to take your business to the next level. Nothing builds trust better or faster than giving your clients a firsthand glimpse at exactly what the problem in their line is.

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