In-Depth Look at the Diaphragm Valve in Your Car

Posted by Eric Gadin on September 8th, 2017

Your car has relies on a variety of different valves. While a mechanic or car enthusiast can name each of these valves in turn and recognize them on a dime, most people are probably uncertain what these valves do to keep your vehicle up and running. Here is an in-depth look at one type of valve that might be helping to power your vehicle, the diaphragm valve, such as the valves that comes in the Goyen Diaphragm Valve Kits.

Breaking Down the Functionality of Valves
Valves come in various forms and sizes. In fact, there are quite a few valves that you pass and see on a daily basis; fire hydrants are a single example. However, valves are also responsible for highly technical functions, such as regulating the coolant system in a nuclear reactor.

The reason valves can take such different forms and features is the definition of a valve is simple. Valves are mechanisms or devices that control, prevent or allow the flow of fluid or gas, including air. Valves will be connected to a pipe, hose, duct, or other passageways, as you can only restrict liquid and gas substances within two confined spaces, and typically, valves allow the fluid or gas to flow in one direction only.

This means there is a valve in your kitchen sink. This valve is the divider between the county’s water source and your facet. For most of the day this valve is shut and prevents water from constantly flowing into your home, but it opens when you turn on the facet. Return your faucet handle to the off position, and the valve closes off the flow of water.

The valves in the Goyen Diaphragm Valve Kits do not work that much different than turning on and off your kitchen sink; provided, you could turn the water in your home off and on a thousand times per minute.

Specifics of a Diaphragm Valve
Throughout your car, you will find valves regulating the flow of all types of liquid and gas, but the majority are located in your engine. There are several ways to construct these valves that ensure peak performance, and one of those engineering constructions is the diaphragm valve.

Diaphragm valves are aptly named for the flexible diaphragm that is central to their construction. The diaphragm is connected to the valve stem, which in turn controls a compressor. When the valve stem raises the compressor, the diaphragm contracts and allows fluid to pass. As the valve stem lowers the compressor, the diaphragm convects, and the fluid is sealed off from passing the valve.

Engineers have developed a range of materials that can be used for each part of this valve. Often, the actual construction, size, and materials will depend on the substance that is being controlled. If it is something corrosive or combustible, then a material to prevent these chemical reactions can be used for the diaphragm.

The construction and operation of these valves make them perfect for regulating the movement of fluids, and that is exactly what diaphragm valves do in your vehicle.

Diaphragm Valves in Your Vehicle
Diaphragm valves, like the Goyen Diaphragm Valve Kits, are typically used outside of the engine as the pressure release valve. These are automated valves, meaning they can self-operate both opening and closing. Within the car, these valves are crucial because they monitor and alleviate the fluid pressure that builds up within the vehicle. When the pressure becomes too high, these valves release steam to lower it.

Once enough steam is released from your vehicle that the pressure reaches its preset level, the release of steam automatically ceases. It is incredible how many times on a single drive this functionality happens.

When you visit, you will find a range of valves designed for everything from your vehicle to an industrial system. The Goyen Diaphragm Valve Kits we have available are a perfect example; we sell the small, easy to install diaphragm valves for your pressure relief valve, but also industrial size Goyen diaphragm valves for other operations. Visit our website at today!

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