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Posted by PARTIK on September 8th, 2017

Those who are already outfitted with Internet Protocol VoIP network system can be highly benefited by installation of Session Border Controllers. If you’re not aware of the wonderful use of SBC that please understand it’s completely an out-and-out hardware and software device that administers the way every phone calls are recognized, begins, executed as well as disconnects on your VoIP network. The key advantage of choosing a SBC is comprehensive safety and security. To ensure security measure the board controllers are widely chosen today by enterprises deployed VoIP services.

In fact, as per terms phone calls refer to sessions. Once SBC is installed, it acts similar to a router among the carrier service or call and the enterprise. With its high-tech mechanisms, it determines the significance of the call, prioritize them and accordingly allow only authenticated sessions to go across the point where it is connected. The extremely advanced technology of SBC characterizes and verifies the QOS or quality of services of calls or sessions, and accordingly callers are allowed to communicate with the other end. Thus, emergency hot line calls are immediately delivered on priority keeping all other sessions in waiting.

Typically, the session borderperforms a series of functions in a VoIP platform as under:

  • First of all, SBC is a unique device that serves the purpose of a firewall, analyzer and protector of session traffic, check the quality of sessions that take care of threats related to incoming phone calls in the communication environment network.
  • As said above, SBC has the ability to protect the enterprise network as well as devices employed, from the attack of malicious deception rogue call sessions. It uses encryption data for signaling and allowing security and privacy to network.
  • The SBC also offers extensive support toward regulatory requirements. Its efficiency prioritizes the lawful sessions and allows their incoming. You can ask your service provider for such SBC mechanisms that allow various elements of the network to effectively communicate with devices and mechanisms like NAT traversal, header manipulation, SIP messaging or inter IP working.

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