The Explosion Of The Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Posted by yipengjack on September 8th, 2017

With the continuous development of the modern, the company also will develop. Industrial production, steel mills, railway repair, bridge construction and so on demand for hydraulic demand is also increasing, while demand is also increasing. So for many companies will gradually use the new hydraulic jack to replace the old use of the old way to achieve the purpose of upgrading and lifting. All in all, we need to develop the hydraulic jack according to the hydraulic jack situation, buy hydraulic bottle jack.

What is the reason for the explosion of the Hydraulic Bottle Jack? First of all, from the hydraulic bottle jack two important components to analyze, that is, hydraulic cylinders and electric pump station, of course, the pressure of the electric pump station will not cause the hydraulic cylinder burst. The main problem is still in the hydraulic cylinder itself on the issue. Here we give a detailed summary of the two major factors.

The quality of the cylinder itself. First of all, we check the cylinder is not a crack itself, and some manufacturers of hydraulic cylinder is not the whole part of the material forging out, is the latter part of the welding after grinding into a seemingly the overall body. If the late handling properly, so that there have been cracks in the innate, so that the hydraulic cylinder can not afford much pressure, in use will be prone to the above phenomenon. There is a cylinder wall is too thin, under normal circumstances, the cylinder wall thickness of the hydraulic cylinder can not meet the requirements, can not afford the pressure, it will easily lead to burst.

Hydraulic bottle jack overload work. Hydraulic bottle jacks should be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the main parameters, should not be overloaded, or when the lifting height or lifting tonnage more than the provisions of the top of the hydraulic jack will be a serious oil spill. There may be a hydraulic cylinder burst. Special attention is: hydraulic jack hydraulic retraction, after lifting, you can quickly remove, but can not be connected to the hose to pull the ultra-high pressure large tonnage electric jack. Users do not use more than the rated travel, so as not to damage the hydraulic jack; there is the use of the process should avoid severe vibration jack.

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