How to attest medical certificate in India

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During the present times, many people from India are going to foreign nations for employment,studies,staying with families etc. All countries require legalization of their personal documents like medical certificate. The legalization of medical certificate in India is known as medical certificate attestation in India in the official terms. The literal meaning of medical certificate is a written statement from a doctor or a physician stating that it contains the patient's medical examination results. Generally, when you apply abroad to any specific country for visa, the authorities there insist on medical certificates which are issued from the doctors and hospitals which are sanctioned by them. Medical certificate is used for daily activities like opening a bank account,for taking college admissions etc in the nation where you are heading to. Before proceeding further,let me clarify certain points about attestation and legalization.

What is the literal meaning of legalization of medical certificates

Legalization of medical certificates is a procedure by which your certificate is brought before the concerned authorities.In diplomatic language, it is also known as attestation. The authorities will validate the content of your certificates from the appropriate sources and seal the papers and sign them. Now, you can use this certificate to be used for visa application for different countries. The Ministry of External Affairs is the leading body which is authorized by the Govt of India to perform attestation of your medical certificates. They will collect your medical certificate and do the verification and then send the papers to the next stage for processing. Now let me explain you the process of medical certificate attestation briefly:-

Medical certificate attestation process

In the beginning, the medical certificate will be verified by the Home Department of the state from where it was emanated. For example, if you are applying for Malaysia visa and your certificate came from Hyderabad, then validation of the certificate is done from the Telangana Home Department. Next,attestation is done by the Ministry of External Affairs and finally you have to do the attestation from the Malaysian embassy as per the norms of the Malaysia embassy attestation in Hyderabad.

Why is medical certificate attestation required

Attestation of medical certificates is carried out for many reasons. The most distinguished among them being the authenticity of the data present on the certificates . The foreign embassy authorities want to ensure that only genuine and skilled applicants enter their countries for work,stay and studies etc. This is done so that undeserving candidates do not get an opportunity to enter their countries and create trouble. So,along with medical certificates, all the countries are also asking for an attested Police Clearance Certificate to establish the character credentials of the candidate. Also, medical certificate attestation is very important as it serves as an evidence of your good health and that you are disease free and fully ready to take up assignment in overseas countries. Particularly, in case of countries in Africa, which are hit by the HIV epidemic, employers always ask for HIV and Tuberculosis tests to be undertaken on the foreign candidates, from doctors licensed by them.

What is the role of agencies in medical certificate attestation

MEA authorized agencies can greatly simplify your objective of achieving medical certificate attestation. They will collect your document and undertake the entire Home Department confirmation process and also assist you for the MEA authorization process. For all this,they charge very less and take least time. Secondly, most of them give you the option of checking the status of your document online. These companies guarantee that all your documents are kept in order and none of them are missing, for visa application, so that your application is successful.

Advantages of medical certificate attestation

Attestation of your medical certificates gives several advantages. The foremost among them is that attestation of your medical certificate is valid for your whole life.This means, that if you are currently working in Pune and you are eager to apply for Bahrain visa, then you have to get your medical certificate attested by the licensed hospitals from the Bahrain Embassy in Pune. This procedure is known as Bahrain Certificate Attestation in Pune. Next,the charges for Govt processes like Home Department, MEA are very less and very light on your budget. Thirdly, if you want to go apply for any other country visa say Saudi Arabia, then this old medical certificate attestation will hold valid.You only require a new Saudi Embassy attestation, as per the embassy of Saudi Arabia rules.

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