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Posted by Nicholas Marks on September 9th, 2017

Water is essential for plants to grow. They can survive without soil but not without water. It is the prime duty of any agriculturist or horticulturist to ensure the right supply of water to the plants throughout its growing period. The traditional methods of supplying water such as pipelines and wells are becoming old fashioned. There is a lot of wastage of water as well. Hence, you feel the need for a solution that supplies the optimum amount of water to the plants.

There is a ready made solution in the form of drip irrigation. In this method, you can give water at regular intervals in minute quantities directly at the place where the plant needs them the most, i.e. the roots. This method ensures that you can supply nutrients and fertilizers to the plant as well using the same route. You do not waste any water in this manner and your plants get the requisite amount of supply as well.

The best part of this entire exercise is that you are able to control the flow of water from remote locations. The water controllers in the past used to be manual. However, with the spread of the internet and technology, you have controllers that work on Wi-Fi. Hence, you can control the supply using your computer, laptop, tablet, or even your mobile phone. The Hunter Professional Grade Wi-Fi Controller with Hydrawise Web-based Software is available at Irrigation Store.

This is as far as drip irrigation is concerned. You have other systems like Water Sprinkler System to ensure proper supply of water to the upper parts of the plants such as the leaves, branches, and fruits. You can install these systems at regular spacing and ensure there is no overlapping of any sort.

Maintaining of lawns is possible with the use of the lawn sprinklers. You can install these machines below the ground and cause them to emerge at the times when you feel the need for watering the lawns. The major stadiums, office and residence complexes, botanical gardens, etc use these systems to maintain their lawns in perfect condition. Visit

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