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Posted by steve7876 on September 9th, 2017

As the nearly famous saying goes “Never trust someone with bad eyebrows.” It is the general consensus that eyebrows are the new black and we are not complaining about it. If eyes are the windows to your soul, eyebrows are the frames, not to mention that without eyebrows we all look insane. However not everyone is born with perfect brows like Lily Collins or Cara Delavigne, so what is a girl (or guy) to do?

Welcome to the magical world of microblading! This is not your mother’s eyebrow microblading classes tattooing, this is something entirely different. Something that you very well may have seen but had no idea you were looking at. Microblading leaves you with naturally feathered flawless brows. This undetectable procedure is nearly painless and the results are to die for.

What If I Hate The Results?

At Mila Madden our expert microblading trainers educate students not only on how to craft the perfect brow but also how to correct any undesired results. In addition, prior to the actual microblading,Mila Madden artists work with you to design your ideal brow.

Have Realistic Expectations

Every individual person has unique bone structure and with that we each look best with different eyebrow shapes specific to our own faces. You may want Brooke Shields but you would look better with something a little more arched. Mila Madden microblading artists take pride in creating the ideal brows for your unique face. In saying that, if your natural eyebrows are no bueno this does not mean that you have to suffer.

Better Brows Equal Better Productivity

This is not a lie. Think about how much time you spend each day creating the perfect brow. Whether you are plucking, trimming or filling in your eyebrows you are wasting precious time that could better be spent doing something productive, or at the very least getting your beauty sleep. Regardless of your morning routine, waking up with perfect brows is a dream come true.

Eyebrows Are Life!

Okay, okay you get it microblading is the way of the future. You’re sold, but you are cautious about the upkeep. Mila Madden mircoblading artists are trained to give you the best results that last just the right amount of time. Typically you can expect your flawless, new eyebrows to be rocking anywhere from nine months to two years before you need a touch up. Imagine a world where you have perfect brows for two years without lifting a finger! No, this is not a dream this is Mila Madden. 

I am Too Excited To Sleep!

So you have decided that microblading is one hundred percent for you. You are ready to rock the world with your newly crafted eyebrows done by a Mila Madden trained microblading artist. Awesome, but why stop there? Why not take it the extra step, reap all the benefits of the microblading world and become a Mila Madden certified microblading and nano laser artist! Brows are the way of the future, now is the time to get a head of the trend and set your name in stone as the go to microblading professional.

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