Land for Sale in UK ? Low Risk and High Rewards

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 8th, 2010

Land for sale can be considered a low risk investment and remains one of the major secrets of the world?s wealthiest investors. Donald Trump and Howard Hughes are just two investors that have made billions in this area. In fact, many of the world?s wealthiest investors have become rich by investing in land plots for sale, which are rural, commercial and developable.

In case planning permission is granted by local councils investors could reap returns of up to 10 times there original investments but even otherwise undeveloped land, tends to increase historically in price anyway over the longer term with increase in acute shortage of housing in UK.

Why UK Land Prices are Booming?

? 250,000 to 3,500,000 new homes are needed over the next 15 years rising to 4,400,000 new homes are needed over the next 20 years.

? 90% of towns in the UK are unaffordable for 1st time buyers.

? The UK is the second most densely populated country in Europe and has a fast rising migrant population

? The UK suffers from some of the oldest housing stock in Europe and a huge shortage of supply of affordable and mid priced housing.

? Over the last 30 years the demand for new homes has increased by 30%. Whereas the same period house building rates have dropped by over 50%.

? Since 1997, the Government has increased the average number of new homes built per hectare from 25 to 40.

Why Invest in UK Land Plots?

? Recent volatility in equity and bullion markets world-over and underdeveloped real estate markets in developing countries makes UK land for sale market only safe heaven to park investments for common investors expecting decent returns on there investments

? Land Investment market in UK is very well regulated and is comparatively safe for common investors in comparison to markets in developing countries

In view of the above arguments it is advisable for individual investors to explore UK Land market as an investment option.

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