Posted by jewelrybrand on September 10th, 2017

In the choice of ring, you must choose the appropriate imitation Cartier love yellow gold ring, and the best hardness is not too hard to lead to cutting difficulties. If you find a pregnancy or gain weight, you must pay attention to the imitation Cartier ring before wearing a card in the case of the situation, once found, it is best not swollen too much to quickly remove, or wait until the entire finger Are edema to be removed, usually to spend some effort to change the sausage back to small hot dogs, and the hands of the skin is also inevitable in the removal process will be part of the damage. Generally in the fire brigade or provide emergency treatment of medical institutions can help people deal with these issues.

There are many ways to remove the ring, at the beginning, most people do not want to destroy the
fake Cartier love ring, so only hard to squeeze out. Usually we will first take the ring out of the way, including soap, glycerin, or other oily products to achieve the purpose of lubrication, but with the loss of time, if within a few minutes still can not be removed, it will enter the swelling period The But generally the parts of our ring are stuck in the joints, so as long as the Cartier love yellow gold ring copy back to the proximal can reduce swelling and restore blood flow.

But sometimes remove the time is too long, will lead to the return of the vein blocked, this time will begin to swell, and once the fingers become more swollen, arterial blood supply will be oppressed, this time, only the ring damage, Otherwise it is difficult to remove the ring. So when you choose fake cartier rose gold love ring as much as possible to choose some of the size of a little loose, so more appropriate.

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