Know the Advantages of Undergoing Asian Eyelid Surgery

Posted by Oculoplastic Eyelid Orbit Surgery on September 11th, 2017

Close to 50% of people of Asian descent have eyes with “single eyelids” where top lids lack a crease when the eyes open. Additionally, a hooded look may result from extra skin and fat in the eyelids. To remedy the situation, Asian eyelid surgery, also referred to as Asian blepharoplasty/double eyelid surgical procedure is perfect for a crease that appears natural in the eyelids that forms when eyes are opened.

Look Years Younger

One of the benefits of choosing Asian eyelid surgery is that it makes the person look years younger. Double eyelid or Asian eyelids have a defined upper eyelid fold. A crease atop the eyelid platform is needed to create the fold below the fold. A crease attracts more attention to the eyes and makes it seem larger and more luminous, knocking years off your age. It further beautifies the eyes.

Avert Baggy Eyes

People from Asian countries are also more susceptible to baggy eyes at a young age on account of Asian eyelid. Lots of people seek double eyelid surgery to avert this. This process is oriented towards helping to acquire a more natural look. There is a restructuring of the eyelid and the contour of the fold of the eyelid undergoes a transition. There are many types of operations namely incisional and suture techniques. Most surgeons use the former method to operate using local anaesthesia so patients can open and shut their eyes enabling the doctor to find the best place for future crease definition. The incision is made across the orbital septum and orbicular muscle.  

Benefit of Consulting a Top Doctor

This surgery has remarkable and long term impact. But you need the services of an accredited, skilled, experienced and accomplished plastic surgeon to carry out the Asian double eyelid operation. Long lasting sutures are added through small incisions in the front and rear part of the eyelids.

Minimally Invasive Methods

Whether incision or sutures are chosen, the surgery methods are low on invasiveness and striking in appearance. Single eyelids can be a real problem for Asians who differ from Caucasians with respect to shape, height and length of the crease of the eyelid. Double eyelid folds achieve a bigger eyelid opening. Placing a retrial crease in single eyelids generally involves blepharoplasty surgery made across the natural skin folds within the upper and lower eyelids. This is a short procedure that involves making incisions via the conjunctiva or the lower eyelid surface.

Faster Recovery

There is a huge difference post the surgery and if you choose a skilled plastic surgeon, you are assured of creases that look natural and folds that are scar less. The faster recovery using this short procedure is convenient for those with time constraints. The surgeon and the patient discuss the goal of the operation and how to achieve a natural looking crease.

Asian Eyelid Surgery: Why It's Value for Money

This surgery is worth the money invested in it. Choices are based on factors such as surgeon skill, softness and pliability of the skin, degree of work required to create the eyelid folds and more. Opt for a surgeon with the right degree of skill and understanding to be able to provide you with beautiful, aesthetically appealing double eyelids.


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