Little Ideas That Bring Big Dollar Increases When Selling Your Home

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 8th, 2010

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When you're selling, home price is everything. Your goal is to maximize the amount you get for your home as much as possible. Many people believe that - in order to significantly raise their home's value - they must perform extensive and costly renovations. While adding a new bathroom or bedroom certainly does increase your asking price when selling, home improvements don't need to be that dramatic to be of help. Here are several little home selling tips that can bring big dollar increases.

Aesthetics are vitally important when selling a home. For little or no money, you can greatly improve your home's appearance and, in turn, its selling price. In return, buyers will have a more favorable impression of your residence.

Clean, Clean, Clean

No one will be impressed with a house that is dirty. One of the best (and cheapest) investments you can make is in a thorough spring-season cleaning for your home. In addition to the regular mopping and dusting you do, clean the windows (inside and out), clean carpets, wipe down walls and baseboards, clean fingerprint marks off interior and exterior doors, and sweep the fireplace (if you have one). People are always more inclined to pay higher amounts for homes that look as though they have been well cared for.

Pack Personal Items & Clutter

Once you have cleaned your home to prepare it for selling, home clutter is the next project to tackle. One of the best home selling tips I offer is to keep packing boxes on hand. As you go through your belongings, immediately put items you want to keep into boxes and label them. This accomplishes two things. First, it helps you stay ahead of all the packing you must do for your move. Second, it allows you to keep clutter at bay. Another great use for packing boxes is for spur of the moment hiding places for clutter. If a prospect wants to see your home at the last minute, temporarily toss piles of clutter into moving boxes and close the lids.

Curb Appeal

Another great home selling tip is to increase your curb appeal. When prospective buyers drive up to your home, are they immediately impressed with what they see? A fresh coat of exterior paint, an extensive pressure washing of vinyl siding and some new, inexpensive shutters can really make an impact on buyers. In addition, adding or upgrading landscaping details can be helpful as well. Replace old, faded mulch or pine straw with fresh. Edge your driveway and sidewalk as well as your flowerbeds, and make sure bushes and scrubs are neatly trimmed. These items are a small investment that will pay off with a quicker sale at a potentially higher price.

Single Fee Real Estate Broker

Even greater than the money you can gain with small improvements is the money you can save on real estate commissions. Fees and commissions certainly take away from the amount you earn on the sale, yet most sellers don't have a plan for saving money in this phase of the process. The best home selling tip I can offer is to use a single fee broker. Single fee brokers will sell your home for free if you agree to purchase your next home through their office. This can save a typical homeowner thousands of dollars in commission fees and is, without a doubt, the best way (and the easiest way) to make more money on your home sale.

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