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Posted by Nethra Vidyalaya on September 11th, 2017

Profession education for the students with blindness or visual impairments needs to start as early as possible. It includes career exploration and self-awareness activities, info about job keeping, job seeking skills instruction, & hearten the opportunities for gaining work experiences. Teaching skills in the field of career education offer students with visual impairments (blindness) of all ages with the opportunities to learn different skills for a potential career.

Because of the shortage of vision professionals nationwide, it can be challenging to find the personnel. That is why there are several exclusive college for the blind that helps to make this world a better place for visually challenged people.

The students need to gain skills and understanding of the several jobs which are available from the bank teller, to the artist, to the social worker, to the gardener, and much-much more. The students who are blind (visually impaired) should have the opportunity to explore an extensive range of careers in a systematic and well-planned manner as they won’t be able to observe these jobs casually as their sighted peers can.

The fields the students may need the specific instruction in comprising the knowledge of relationship between work & play; knowledge of characteristics of the valued workers; understanding the value of work; awareness of jobs people with the blindness often hold; job procurement skills (want ads, resumes, applications, & interviews); typical profession adaptations made by the workers with visual impairments; detailed knowledge of various jobs of interest; laws related to employment; work experience; & management of drivers and readers.

Exclusive college for blind provide the students with many career opportunities so to gain the awareness of jobs. It also provides the opportunities for visually challenged students to, participate in the field trips to worksites where various tasks are expected of workforces. Charity for Blinds works at its best to provide the platforms for the blinds and help them to make the best of their skills.

These charities for the blinds help the training institutes to develop an awareness of jobs for the students by providing them the opportunities to discuss with others regarding how teenagers and adults learn about the professions they hold. The training institutions also offer laptops for blind students who hold special computer skills without the ill effect of their blindness.

About the author: Nethra Vidyalaya is a very great initiation that helps the blind students to fight with their inabilities and make life more worthy and fruitful.

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