Construction regulations of unshaped casting materials

Posted by annesheldon on September 11th, 2017

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Castable lining construction

1, castable construction

2, castable stir

Mixing time should be no less than 5 minutes. Operation to use a forced mixer, stirring should first dry mixing, then add 80% solvent stirring, and then depending on the degree of wet and dry construction and specific parts of the request, and then slowly add the remaining solvent until the appropriate working consistency until. In ensuring the construction performance of the premise, the amount of solvent should be less good.

Castables should be used in the whole bag, stir well castable must be used within 30 minutes. In the high temperature drying of the operating environment but also to shorten the time. Has been initial coagulation or agglomeration of castables shall not be used, do not add solvent stirring and then use.

3, vibrating

Castable pouring into the template should be immediately vibrated with a vibrator, each layer height is less than 300 mm, vibration spacing to 2500mm is appropriate.

Vibration, try to avoid touching the anchor, shall not damage the insulation layer, not in the same position for a long time and re-vibration. Casting surface after the slurry should be slowly out of the vibrator to avoid casting material and the emergence of isolated phenomenon. The cast body after pouring can no longer be pressed and shocked before solidification.

4, pouring and expansion joints

Large area construction pouring to block construction. Each casting area to 1.5m2 is appropriate (with a mixing amount of synchronization.) Expansion joints required to stay (usually in the pouring time to consider), shall not be missed. In the kiln, the expansion joints in the decomposition furnace are located in the axial ring, not less than 4, to aluminum silicate fiber felt as the material.

5, maintenance and mold release inspection

After the surface of the castable material is dried, it is necessary to carry out the necessary maintenance according to the construction and maintenance requirements, especially the castable for water conservation, and sprinkle it regularly to keep the surface moist. After the final pouring of castable material can be removed side mold to continue to sprinkler conservation, but the load-bearing template to be the strength of 70% before stripping.

After the removal of the template should be timely on the casting inspection, found honeycomb, peeling and empty quality problems such as timely processing and repair. When the problem is serious, the defect should be chiseled to expose the anchor, and then use the homogeneous pound to fill the material to continue conservation. It is forbidden to cover up the problem with mud.

6, composite lining construction

On the fire-resistant insulation composite lining to be layered construction, is strictly prohibited mixed layer of slurry construction, insulation materials (such as silicon calcium board, silicon aluminum, asbestos or slag cotton, etc.) should be sprayed with waterproof moisture-proof material castable. There have many refractory news and refractory products information on web. You can read more refractory products and know more refractory materials information. Because our website has many kinds of refractory news and industry news. what's more ,you can know more kinds of refractory information from our website.

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