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Posted by Michael Ferguson on September 11th, 2017

What kind of guy are you? Are you a glass half full kind of a guy or a glass half empty sort of person? If you’re the latter then you got to lighten up if you’re going to get the best out of a cheap London Escort. That’s because you have to think about the situation and the potential for cock up. There are pitfalls everywhere and they are mostly not our fault. If it’s an outcall you’ve booked we got to get the girl to you. That is fraught with mishap beyond our control. Anyone of you who have tried to get a woman made up, dressed up and out of the door on a tight schedule will know that just getting her out of the house on time is no mean feat. London escorts are just girls. Just like your wife or lover or sister, they linger, they preen and pout and they don’t take kindly to being rushed. So we have to be oh so diplomatic about how we go about hurrying them along. The last thing you want is for your girl to arrive hot bothered and in a bit of ‘a strop’.

You see you got to be a little easy going on the time front. The most important thing is you’re your cheap London escort arrives in a good mood… believe me that is very important, the mood.

Now the other thing I want to say to you about how to get the best from our girls is to remember to concentrate on your own satisfaction. You have to take a little of the responsibility for that. You can’t just dump the responsibility for that in the hands of us or your London escort. You know yourself what rocks your boat, it’s up to you to open that gob and tell your girl if what she is doing is right or wrong. If you hate your ears being touched and are going to lash out uncontrollably then for God sake when Carmen starts nibbling away at your earlobes warn her off verbally. Don’t give her the rabbit punch else we will all be in the shit. Any fatalities arising are your responsibility. On the positive side, you got to tell her what you do like. Don’t be shy, whatever it is, the worst that can happen is that she says NO. But if you don’t ask, I don’t want a complaint later saying that she didn’t satisfy you. We are not minded readers and neither are the girls so please speak up and let’s find out what this baby can do. Let’s take her up the 30,000 feet and put her through her paces.

So you see the secret is to focus on what you want to get from your date and try to make it happen or at least ask. Obviously, it is the girl’s decision as to what she does. It’s not ours and certainly not yours so you got to be a little patient and try to coax the best out her. A mature escort needs your guidance even more than the more expensive girls. That way you will hopefully walk away with a big smile on your face and a complimentary word for us and your girl… happy days!!

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