Fiber Optic Cable Installation Services: Advantages Of Fiber Optic Cables

Posted by Harry Shay on September 11th, 2017

If you need to handle the large amounts of data, using fiber optic cabling is the best option due to its improved speed and overall efficiency. This cable allows sharing information safely, furthermore minimizing data network problems as such. In an effort to improve the quality of your network, find professional cabling services and get your traditional cables replaced with optical fiber.

Optical Fiber Cable: Definition

An optical fiber is a transparent and flexible fiber made of pure silica glass. Every strand of the cable has a thickness slightly thicker than human hair. Through these cables, data is communicated via turning data into light pulses. The cable’s strands carry the information, serving as a wave-guide and directs light in the specified direction. In the end, light pulses get converted to electromagnetic waves and the receiver obtains the information in no time.

Fiber optics

These cables hold a property of carrying information to large distances and deal with higher bandwidths as compared to electric copper cables. The information transferred through fiber optic cables takes less time, as it uses light to transmit information which travels much faster than their counterparts. Say for example, electric current. These carriers can be disturbed very easily - under the influence of any voltage or power issues, parasite signals, lightening, etc. On the contrary, fiber optic cables makes use of light pulses to pass on the original data as it is, and external current cannot unsettle transmission. This kind of data transmission helps in avoiding the issues such as cross talk.

These cables works efficiently in places with high electromagnetic interference. Also, such cables are ideal for high risk areas - regions with high electric voltages or explosive gas surroundings. With highly resistant to electricity, fiber optic cables ensures fire from happening.

Quite easy to install, fiber optic cables don’t cost much. One can choose multi-mode fibers for handling short distances such as networks within a office, or single-mode fibers to establish connection within a large facility.

Finding a cabling service

There are many data cabling installation services in London that has gained the reputation of installing fiber optic cables, providing speed and performance, both. Such fiber optic cable installation services has the capability of transforming your business by

Boosting up the bandwidth
Providing the faster upload and download speeds
Allows better coverage, even when distances are large
Fetches instant scalability and a robust network

Call a reputed, licensed, and trust-worthy data cabling services today!

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