Handling Your Kid?s Tantrums for Dressing

Posted by ryanholman on September 11th, 2017

Tears and tantrums are so common with a young child. It is one of the worst things that any parent scorns in their little ones. Neither they find it suffice to comply those tantrums nor are they able to handle it. Especially, if it is related to clothing, then it leads to paroxysm which would be extremely embarrassing in front of other people. If you too stuck at the same point, then exploring this piece of writing would acquaint you the way out. 

Parents are always concern about the contentment of their kids and seek to make them happy by all the means. If buying trendy outfits bring a smile on kid’s face then, parents will strive to get the best ones for them. Somehow, it is not possible to avoid tantrums of younger ones for getting dressed up. However, you might end up ruining your budget with frequent purchases. In that case, you have an option to lay your hands on wholesale children’s clothing by Honeydew and bag up hefty savings.


Here are few ways to deal with your kid’s tantrums that outburst anger while dressing. 

Don’t buy tight-fitted clothes: One of the worst things that many children hate is ill-fitted apparel. Especially, if an outfit has a narrow opening, then getting it through the head annoys a kid. Due to this reason, he/she denies slipping into it. Therefore, ensure you buy perfect fitted clothes for them and don’t give them a chance to complain.  

Get some Nursery Prints: Though striped or checkered design looks classic on adults, it doesn’t have the power to fascinate kids. By this means you need to make a switch from elderly to the nursery prints for ensuring that your little one doesn’t create any scene for not wearing that particular outfit. 

Consider superhero or cartoon characters: If there is any personality or character which your children adore the most, then you can contemplate of getting printed on their clothes. Be it any superhero, movie star or cartoon character; you can get their wardrobe essentials which are inspired by it.  

Buy easy-to-carry clothing: If an apparel is designed in such a way that a kid faces a problem to manage it, then his/her outburst of anger or denial to wear it is apparent. Thus, acquiring children’s clothing which is accessible for them to carry can reduce the probability of him/her throwing tantrums.  

Even after considering all these points to ensure that you’re getting clothes of your kid’s choice, they enter into other modes of a tantrum, and then you should know the correct way to cope up. In this case, many parents outbursts their anger in the form of yelling, threatening or questioning, which never works. Instead, it is advisable to arm yourselves by understanding various phases of their tantrum.  

#1. Anger

#2. Sadness

#3. Reduction of anger

#4. Crave for a cuddle

#5. Moving on

These are the phases of tantrums in which the flow of emotion travels from aggression to diversion in some other topic. Now when you are acquainted with the emotional flow of your kid, it would be easy for you to know when to take a step for stopping him/her. Ignore them till the first two phases and then start talking to them from the third phase when their anger level is on the dropping stage. By this means, you can deal with any of your kid’s tantrums. Nonetheless, don’t make your child fussy by complying their obstinacy.

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