Curb Appeal ? First Impressions Count When Selling A Condo or Townhouse

Posted by Nick Niesen on November 8th, 2010

Curb appeal is the key to selling a townhouse or condo. Since common areas are controlled by a homeowners? association, paying attention to details can make all the difference.


The same rules that apply to selling a house apply to townhouses except that the scale of things has to fit a smaller space and nothing can go around to the side unless you own an end unit. Townhouses do have some unique challenges. What the neighbors do affects how your home ?shows? from the curb.

You can ask for your neighbors? cooperation if you know and like them. You can explain that you?re selling your home and are going to try hard to get your trash containers and children?s bikes policed up quickly to make a good first impression on potential buyers. You would really appreciate it if they?d be as vigilant as possible. Maybe even ask if they?d mind if you took their trash containers to the back if you get home first (assuming you can do it without going through private space).

If your neighbors aren?t pleasant, just try to keep things picked up the best you can and sweep the public walk in front of the entire building you?re located in. You might even want to cut the grass and edge it along the public walk and curb in front of the building. Anything you can think of to do to make things look tidy and well cared for without starting World War III is good.

Condos and Apartments

All the things already mentioned apply to the extent they can. Apartments and apartment style condos often have a lot of common areas. It?s not typically your job to take care of them. However, if it is not being done well, do it yourself. Vacuum the foyer or hall approaching your unit. Shampoo the carpet if that?s needed. Sweep the walks out front. Windex the glass in the front door. In a perfect world, all those things will be taken care of and you won?t have to bother at all. If your world isn?t perfect, build a fire under the person or committee responsible, or do it yourself.

Good curb appeal can make the difference between a potential buyer?s driving on by or his stopping to come in to look at your home. Make your home the one the buyer is anxious to see.

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