Explainer video: Brief your Business with An Animated Explainer Video

Posted by Pixelo Design Ltd on September 11th, 2017

The Google algorithm for search rankings indicates that a lot of visitors stay on sites due to explainer videos. If your business is looking for explosive growth, you need an online video. Animated explainer videos are perfect for growing your business. See a change in affordability, effectiveness in business growth and online marketing, increasing conversion rates leading to product sales and growing popularity and resonance with your client base. Here are the benefits of choosing an animated explainer video for briefing your business.

#1 Increase Conversion Rate

Research shows that more people are likely to purchase a product following an explainer video. These videos help growing business owners track conversion rates and see how many visitors on their sites are actual customers. Most businesses count sales manually to assess which products are popular, keeping track of the product or services that interest potential customers.

#2 Clarify Product Objectives

Text can create ambiguity regarding what people read. Explainer videos take the effort out of explaining the basic function of a service or product. A deeper understanding of the product or service is available as a result of this video. An explainer video connects you with top customers by explaining why your business beats the competition hollow.

#3 Increase Interest Levels

More businesses send social signalling to generate and sustain interest about businesses. This is through media such as videos and images for generating interest in products. The online video sustains viewership and attracts customers on a continuous basis.

#4 Top Ranks in Search Engines

Stale websites do not work well. Websites containing additional block text and images cannot hope to create an understanding or an interest in the product. Get immediate attention through the explainer video to help customers take the right purchase decision.

#5 Raise Web Traffic

Going viral is not a matter of using stale or conventional methods of approaching clients. YouTube is the latest and best way to grab customer attention instantaneously. Get a large amount of viewers in a short period of time. While there is no formula for going viral, getting the online video equation right is a big part of the process. Most of the top brands known and loved use animated explainer videos.  

#6 Help in Information Retention

While text information is hard to retain, an animated explainer video raises interest levels and offers audiovisual priming for customers to understand in-depth about your business's products and services. Sharing of the video is another positive way to generate revenue and create brand awareness.

#7 Liven Up The Pitch

Another point is that your elevator or sales pitch need to be unusual. Power-point slides or pamphlets can only take you so far. To engage an audience, you really need an online explainer video with a script and interesting visuals. If you have a unique product or service, highlight its USP by using explainer videos.

#8 Showcase your Brand, Opt for an Online Explainer Video

Use state-of-the-art animated explainer videos online to get a virtual connection and a solid customer base for real. Apart from boosting sales, increased brand popularity is also a plus point of explainer videos.  Explain your business ideas and USP in seconds and get a massive viewership boost. Having an animated marketing video boosts online visibility and gives you the chance engage in social networking through YouTube, the third largest social community on the internet and the second largest search engine! Specific animated videos associated with marketing goals and a target audience can get you conversions, sales and audience attention across wide demographics.

A video creates the chance to promote brand identity and culture and enhance awareness. Animated characters and colours create a brand story and a compelling, powerful narrative that helps your brand identity to grow, along with your customer base.

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