Increasing Safety and Efficiency at the Workplace Using Fences and Swing Stages

Posted by nescaffold on September 12th, 2017

At any construction site, the site or project manager has to first and foremost ensure that safety measures are in place. It is not only a way of ensuring compliance but also serves to protect the workers on site. Increased productivity and efficiency is the holy grail of any project manager. One of the most effective ways of increasing safety, efficiency and productivity at a work site is by investing in specialized tools and equipment like debris chutes, scaffolding, temporary fencing and swing gates. However, this can be costly and require a lot of upfront capital investment. This article highlights some of the benefits of temporary fencing and swing stages and how to enjoy them at an affordable cost.

  • Temporary fencing confers several benefits including increasing safety, security and offering protection. Erecting a fence prevents people and animals straying into the site and getting hurt. Privacy netting can be used to offer privacy and protect the site from prying eyes. Security is enhanced with fencing by providing controlled access to the site via gates. Furthermore, it protects areas that can be destroyed by traffic or pose a safety hazard like unset floors and uncovered pits. For most projects, it makes more sense to go the services of a fence rental provider. This reduces the capital investment required for the project especially if fencing is not part of the core project’s deliverables.
  • Swing stages are the most commonly used type of suspended scaffolds. Also referred to as two-point adjustable suspension scaffolds, they consist of a platform suspended by cables or ropes. Not only are they used for window washing in high building and in the construction of high-rises and skyscrapers. They serve to increased productivity, efficiency and safety in the workplace. Using swing stages, workers can easily and safety access hard-to-reach areas. They are also more maneuverable compared to other scaffolds. This serves to increasing the productivity of workers while ensuring their safety. Depending on one’s needs, it may make more sense to hire swing gates.

    The decision of whether to purchase or rent a swing stage or temporary fencing depends on various factors. Whenever possible, one should seek swing stage and fence rental services whenever they can. This reduces the capital required to buy and put them up. By leveraging the services of swing stage and fence rental firms, one can enjoy all their benefits at an affordable cost.

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