How to look after hardwood products and its maintenance?

Posted by Woodrite on September 12th, 2017

Wooden floors give a really nice and rich look to your house. You will see that wooden furniture are also back in style and they have changed the way people now look at wooden products. However, one thing that hasn’t changed even today is the looking after and maintenance of wooden products and especially wooden floorings. Unlike tiles or marble flooring, wooden floorings are done differently and should be looked after in a particular way. Moreover, different wooden floors need to be taken care differently. One thing that is same is that you need to put some extra effort.

Steps involved in the maintenance of wooden flooring

There are few basic steps involved in the maintenance of wooden floor especially hardwood maintenance which you should keep in your mind. They are as follows:

1.    Regular maintenance is needed which involves sweeping using a soft bristle broom.

2.    You can also use a dry microfiber mop for dusting.

3.    Use vacuum once a week with the beater bar turned off so that dust is removed from between the floor boards.

4.    You are highly recommended to use professional wood floor cleaning product so that no damage is caused to the woods.

5.    Every 3 to 5 years you should get a maintenance coating done for the longevity of the floor.

6.    Sand and refinish is also needed once in few decades.

7.    Do not use vinyl or tile cleaning products for wooden floors.

8.    Do not use self polishing acrylic waxes as they cause the wood to become slippery and also gives a dull appearance.

9.    Use rugs at doorways so as to avoid debris to settles down on the floor and scratch them.

10.    Clean the spills immediately with a slightly damp cloth or else it may get into the layers of the wood.

There are various agencies for Hardwood maintenance in Toronto where you can easily get the necessary products for wooden floor cleaning and you can always get their assistance for the same. You can also hire some expert professionals for the cleaning of the wooden floors in your house and give your house and clean and shining look. So, without delaying and wasting much time you should consult a professional about wooden floor maintenance and especially hardwood maintenance so that you can look after the maintenance of your house floorings.

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