Hidden in the cartier yellow gold love copy ring in the promise

Posted by minibraceletstores on September 12th, 2017

You do not understand, I love him. Even if he is useless, as long as I love him, he is light. Who said he was nothing, he is the best person in this world, his sincere, kind. From the moment you fell in love with it, my whole person was surrounded by happiness.

I like you let me east, I like the lambs to give you grass; you let me west, I like the sunset to illuminate your pink clouds; you call me north, I am your winter lily; South, you are my bride in the air. I like you, you are my fruit of the rich, the blood flowing thoughts; you are my dream of warmth; I like you have a sense of proportion, the control of the I like you, like you, from head to toe are happy. I have long wanted to tell you that you are in every page of my life, so you are on every page of my poetry.

Love you, is my survival power; and wait, is my blood flowing in the happiness. I always feel that it is a very happy thing to love you. But I never told you how important you are to me. On the contrary, I hit you, I hurt you, I looked everything for myself. A few days ago read the article, there is such a sentence: I love her, I will hurt; do not love her, I am more painful I am hated by the self-conscious, forced restraint that makes me suffer.

A cartier yellow gold love copy ring, worth a promise, and a frank heart. Accept your cartier ring, my heart told me: my half life belongs to you. Unfortunately, life and love can not be combined, like the body and shadow the same. I can not give you love, I can give you half of the trust. Some things are always in the state of nature, the details of the control will be touched by the details, stubborn people will be a tendon in the end. I am selfish, I can not love you, but have to consume you.

In this world, there will always be a person, let you put down the cautious, let the iceberg quietly melted. I want you to know that I am always with you, no matter where I am. I am in this floating world indulgence I lost for this society I always believe: the end of the past will come soon to come to enjoy the life of all the good or bad heart of love can be a poet, because they are burning The fire of millions of regiments I think I love you more than my ability. It is not fair to you. Promised to hide in the cartier wedding copy rings for men, really should be waiting. Do not know each other, love not love. You are my half life, is my partner in this life.

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