Woodworking Tips for a Beginner

Posted by nabeelshaukat on November 13th, 2010

Woodworking can be full profession, or part time fun hobby. If you are a beginner then you have a lot of questions in your mind about what to do or what not to do.

Here are some tips given below, which you should keep in mind when you are starting woodworking.

  • Get familiar yourself with the basics of woodworking, like different forms of wood working, various tools, types of wood, there uses etc.
  • After you have knowledge of basics of woodworking, plan what type of woodworking projects interest you.
  • After you plan your project, then take some reading books of woodworking plans, or take some classes in the local college by an experienced woodworker for guidance.
  • If you are not interested to take any class, then get some useful tips from any friendly professional wood worker.
  • You should have all the tools required for a specific project before starting it.
  • Buy wood and tools for wood working from an authorized dealer.
  • Pick some easy task in the beginning.
  • You can initially use a precut kit, which have different pieces of wood that is already cut in the suitable sizes, and shapes. You can join these pieces together to make different things.

Types of Wood for Your Woodworking Projects

The wood is normally categorized into two main types:

  • Soft Wood
  • Hard Wood

Soft Wood

This wood is from the conifer variety of trees, which includes cypresses, yews, pines, junipers, cedars, firs, Douglas firs, larches, spruces, and kauris.

Softwood is easier to work, and have different variations in hardness of its different varieties.

Tip: Cedar and Pine are the best choice for making soft furniture, paper, and wood pulp.

Hard Wood

The hardwood has broad range with respect to density. Theses are hundred times harder than soft woods. Yew is an example of hard soft wood. The hard woods are cherry, walnut, maple, teak, oak, beech, holly, ash, ebony, and mahogany. These are expensive than softwoods.

Tip: if you want to construct any quality furniture and fittings for your home, than use hard wood for their construction.

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