Considerations to Take When Shopping for Cheap Restaurant Equipment

Posted by Joseph Rubino on September 13th, 2017

Saving money is paramount to running an effective and successful restaurant, as any restaurateur knows. However, coming up with ways to save money in the restaurant business is fraught with obstruction; you can’t (and wouldn’t want to) take chances with food! There are ways, though, to save money. It just requires a little bit of insight into Cheap Restaurant Equipment. By the end of this article, you should walk away with a few tricks to save your restaurant money.

1. Shop Online!
This might seem like an obvious option for some of you who are reading this article; however, it’s very easy to find yourself attached to a nearby restaurant equipment store that seems to be offering you a deal. The best way to find cheap restaurant equipment and save your restaurant money is to compare prices online. Even if your local store does have better prices, you can only be sure if you research, and the fastest way to research is to shop stores online. Many online retailers, believe it or not, actually offer free shipping, even on large equipment pieces.

2. Look for Warranties and Guarantees
Many online retailers offer guarantees and/or warranties on their cheap restaurant equipment. These can be a serious tool for having peace of mind, in addition to being a lifesaver in the case something does go wrong. Sometimes, in order to counteract the unfortunate stigma that can exist against online retailers, online stores will offer incredibly generous warranties and guarantees which can save your restaurant money in those rare, but catastrophic equipment failure situations.

3. Shop Used!
For nearly every piece of restaurant equipment there is a dealer who will sell you a quality used version. For most major equipment pieces, there will be little to no difference between purchasing new and purchasing used, as far as functionality and appearance is concerned. The price difference, however, can be shocking. Items like steam tables, grills, griddles, and prep tables, whose prices can reach into the thousands easily, can often be discounted by more than 50% just because they’ve been in a restaurant before. In addition, in order to encourage the purchase of used stock, many online retailers offer guarantees and warranties even on their used equipment. By going the used route, you’ll not only be saving yourself loads of cash, which can now be put to better use in your restaurant, but you’ll be receiving a piece of equipment with similar protection to a brand new one!

4. Compare Prices and Offerings Aggressively
Equipment is meant to be with you and your restaurant for a very long time. Take the time necessary to price shop and feature shop between different stores. Online, this is much less difficult, but even in person it’s well worth the effort and time. Business is business, and equipment retailers are undeniably trying to make their businesses profitable as well. Sometimes that means raising prices over the competition and relying on brand recognition, proximity to businesses, or good sales tactics.

Don’t feel bad shopping prices. Your business is as important as theirs, and a good restaurant equipment dealer will recognize that too. Research the models you are purchasing, as well as the individual piece of equipment if you can. Knowing what you are buying intimately is not only a safe option, but it can also help you determine if there is simply a better option for you, even within the same store!

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