Things that Students Should Know to Get Better Grades

Posted by nabeelshaukat on November 14th, 2010

We all know that life of a student is not always a fun. Mostly, students want to achieve good results at school, but this sometimes brings stress to them. So if you want to control the stress you are feeling at school, you must take some appropriate steps.  

Time Management

Try to manage your time smartly. Decide a time for each subject and utilize that time on the decided subject only. Most of the students try to go through the task in the last moment which is the main route of stress. Never do that as this method is not productive in any way. Instead you should try to manage your time and the tasks you have on a regular basis. Allocate time to each subject and study the allocated subject in that time. Make a target for each lesson while studying like “I have to learn this portion of the lesson in say 20 minutes”. This will improve management skills in yourself and will help to overcome stress you are feeling.

Get Better Organized

Try to be an organized student and take notes of homework and papers you have to study for your next class. This will help to prepare for the next lesson , and will help to memorize the test dates.

Find a Good Study Environment

If you want to get best results, you should consider studying in a silent place with nobody around you. This will surely turn your efforts in better results. Always avoid listening to music when you study as this severely distracts concentration.

Identify Your Learning Style

Every student has his own way to study which suites his/her personality. Before you choose a method to study, you should try to study in different ways till you find your best method.

--Visual learning: This means that you have to draw visual diagrams when you study.

--Try to record yourself when you study. After you finish studying you can listen that lesson anytime and surely that is a great way to study.

--Study with your friend and listen to each other after finishing the lesson. This is also an effective way of learning.

 Evaluate each of the above methods and choose the one which suits your personality.

 Get Enough Rest

Having rest is extremely important for all of you. When you study during the day try to rest for 15 minutes from time to time. If you have your exam next day, sleep early at any cost and never study in the last moments before exam. This gives stress incredibly and affects your performance in exams.

Learn Stress Management Techniques

For good grades you also need to control yourself when you feel stressed. Try to breathe deep and try to think that you know everything in this paper, also have a glass of water and drink it slowly. If you still can’t overcome stress, the best way in this situation is to have something in your mouth by taking permission from the invigilator.

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