Using Mobile Proposal Software to reduce costs

Posted by nabeelshaukat on November 14th, 2010

Due to the current economic conditions, intense competition, low sales revenue, high expenses, and low profits, organizations around the world are striving to move new markets either by product development strategy or by launching new products. This benefits the organizations in terms of high profits, tax benefits, high sales, diversification of risk, and an opportunity to get global/international presence. 

Decrease in sales and high costs are the major issues for almost every organization today. Sales are essential for every organization to exist as a going concern, but it depends on how competent an organization’s sale team is, and what amount an organization spends to equip its sales team to perform above client expectations. This article discusses about a “Mobile Application Software” to reduce costs in your sales engagement process, and to equip your sales force with tools that help in becoming more informed & proficient than ever under the following heads:

 Mobile Proposal Software
 Best Mobile Proposal Software

Mobile Proposal Software:

Mobile proposal software is used to improve sales effectiveness and sales engagement process. This software helps to safe time on the sales engagement by enabling them to deliver attractive business proposals, sales proposals, marketing materials, tenders, contracts and client facing documents from their mobile devices or I phones. It helps your sales team to provide the most current information to clients without any delay. Any sales person in any country can log into the software and can ask any question, and you can reply him/her instantly. It also helps to provide any information that client asks your sales representative. Having this software in mobile phone means you are with your sales team 24/7 no matter wherever they are and can take any decision like finalizing the selling price with customers. This software is incredibly helpful in exporting jobs.

It works in I phones, I pads, Blackberry. Providing your sales team with this software means you can come up to your client expectations, can provide exactly what the client needs while being with your client,  can deliver appealing business & sales proposals, can align KPI’s for organization as well as for sales force, and can provide accurate pricing details instantly when required.  

 Best Mobile Proposal Software:

 GlobalKAP, the leader in sales process and document solutions, is one of the best companies that have produced “Mobile Proposal Software” named with “KAP Automation”.  It helps in sales management, reduces costs in sales engagement process, reduces client engagement time, and delivers accurate details while being integrated with your CRM.

Some of the highlighting features of KAP Automation are listed below:

 • Delivers as per your client expectations.
 • Helps in preparing and delivering accurate business proposals, sales proposals, and client facing documents.
 • No physical delivery of software is necessary as data base is maintained by the company.
 • Supported by 24/7 customer service.
 • Helps to outperform than competitors by providing the correct information expected by clients.
 • Improves sales team’s negotiation power.
 • Can be used in Blackberry, I pads, I Phones, and almost all mobile devices.
 • Provides your company with sustainable competitive advantage.

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