How Global KAP is setting the New Benchmark Globally for Virtual Data Rooms

Posted by nabeelshaukat on November 15th, 2010

How Global KAP is setting the New Benchmark Globally for Virtual Data rooms or Online Deal Rooms

A conventional Physical Data Room is a safe room, where hard copies of business documents are reserved for privateevaluation.  These physical data rooms were mainly used for the sale of companies.  The potential buyers would plan time in the data room to perform inclusive due diligence on the business or assets they were potentially buying.  The buyer had to travel to the protected location. Then the buyer spends lengthy hours and often days sieving through thousands of documents.

An option to the physical data room engages the setting up of a Global KAP Virtual Data Room in the form of an extranet (fundamentally an Internet site with partial controlled access, using a protected log-on supplied by the vendor) to which the bidders and their advisers are given right of entryby means of the internet. Much of the information released will be private and limitations should be applied to the viewer’saptitude to release this to third parties by forwarding, doubling-up or printing. This can be efficiently applied to defend the data using digital rights management. Moreovercomprehensive auditing must be offered for lawful reasons, so that anevidence is reserved of who has seen which description of each document and when and for how long.

As anecessary part of the Mergers & Acquisitions process the Global KAP data room or deal room is set up as a central storehouse of data relating to companies or divisions being acquired or sold. The data room facilitatesconcerned parties to view material relating to the business in a controlled environment. Privacy is supreme and firm controls for screening, doubling-up, and printing must be imposed.

Global KAP Virtual Data Room has exactly the same strengths as a Conservative Data Room, controlling rights of entry, screening, copying and printing, setting time restrictions on viewing, and classification of who saw what and when. It is also accessible 24/7 over the permissible period. With Global KAP Virtual Data Room, documents arrive atcontrollers and shareholders in a more well-organized and appropriate manner.

Global KAP Virtual Data Room is fast to set up, scrutinizes data, information can be added or detached any time, and any or all information can be stopped up to any or all registered viewers at any time.

 Main Advantages of Global KAP Virtual Data Rooms

  • Save your all documents from unauthorized access
  • No installation required for reviewers
  • The IP addresses are lock down
  • Easy to use interface with Drag & Drop functionality
  • You can browse, search, or filter the documents
  • Have custom user control panel
  • Gives single sign up
  • Have document preview option
  • Have option of bulk save or print of your documents
  • Global KAP can automatically covert your files into PDF
  • Documents are protected with  Adobe Lifecycle security
  • Have automatic Text Recognition
  • Provide you one click and off line administration
  • ISO 27001 Certified Online Solutions
  • And also SAS 70 II Certified
  • All staff scrutinized and bound to NDAs

Best for the Following Industries:

  • Real Estate
  • Financial Audits
  • Corporate Finance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Fund Raising
  • Transaction Closings
  • Court cases
  • Biotech Licensing
  • Legal Client Extranet

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