It Could Never Happen To My Child

Posted by ProtectMyChild on November 18th, 2010

"It could never happen to my child"

But, the odds are one in one hundred that it could.

Oprah says "Every twenty-six seconds, another child becomes missing in America."

Unless you are the parent of one of the more than one-million children who are kidnapped, missing, lost, or who run away each year, it's easy to say...

"It could never happen to my child."

The Child Shield, U.S.A. program offers parents:

PREVENTION and SECURITY through education first and an effective, organized RECOVERY system second.

Unfortunately, missing children are a fact of life in America.  Each year kidnapped, lost, missing and runaway children number more than one-million.

A positive identification is critical to locating a lost or missing child. In order to safeguard America's children, Child Shield U.S.A. has created the ultimate child identification program

Child Shield, U.S.A has the only "guaranteed" comprehensive child safety program available.  Our proven prevention program also includes a monthly subscription to "THE SHIELD" child safety newsletter.  This publication provides topics for parents to discuss with their children and also keeps parents informed on how child molesting predators may, or may have already, befriended them or their children.  With this monthly publication, Child Shield, U.S.A. has the only ongoing extensive educational program available.  Ignorance can't protect your child, education will.

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