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Posted by ProtectMyChild on November 18th, 2010

  Child Shield, USATM Guarantees Their One-of-a-Kind Child Safety Program

     Child Shield, USATM a national organization dedicated to the safety of America’s children, now guarantees their comprehensive child safety program.

     Yesterday, 2,143 children went missing in the United States. These children have vanished and have not been seen or heard from over 24 hours. Their parents are desperately looking for any trace of where they may be, what has happened to them or who has taken them. The worst fears and thoughts of what may be happening to their children right now is every parent’s unthinkable nightmare. Add to that fear, the feeling of being totally helpless and confused. What do I do now? What else can be done? The authorities should be doing more! The feeling of guilt, what else should I have done? How could I have prevented this from happening? If only I could have protected them from this terrible tragedy. Yesterday was truly a tragic day.

     It is hard to believe that yesterday over 2,000 children disappeared right here in the United States. But what is unconceivable is that approximately 2,000 more will go missing again today, and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next… How can we stop the spread of this disease? How can we protect what is our most precious and cherished possession on earth? Through education, that’s how.

   Child Shield, USATM is the largest, oldest and most respected missing child prevention company there is. Since 1990, they have been keeping America’s children safe and have the only “guaranteed” comprehensive child safety program available. Child Shield, USA’sTM mission is to reduce the alarming numbers of lost, missing abducted and runaway children in America and to offer parents and law enforcement agencies a “one stop – one call” source for immediate assistance. To date, nearly 2,000,000 of their comprehensive child safety programs have been marketed in the United States and they have a 100% safe recovery rate.

     Child Shield, USATM is so sure that its program is the only comprehensive, child safety program available, they are now offering a $1,000 guarantee. If any member of Child Shield, USATM can show them any other company or organization that is duplicating all of the benefits Child Shield, USATM offers to protect children, they will provide the Child Shield, USATM service to them for 10 years for FREE and will write them a check for $1,000.

     Child Shield, USATM wants to empower parents and children to stop child predators. With the growth of Child Shield, USATM, it is hoped there will be a reduction in the number of abducted and missing children in America.

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