3 Reasons Why Many People Have Low Self-Esteem

Posted by larrynabiong on November 22nd, 2010

Self-esteem or self confidence is vital to a person. Whatever station in life you are in, it is a must that you are proud of yourself despite the odds. Yes, there are reasons behind a man's success, be it personal, social, financial or what...and one, is self-esteem. However, there are many people around who do not consider themselves as confident as a peacock! They believe that they do not have what others have. So they just accept the fact that they were not born to greatness, but to become a so-so, nobody and weakling who are satisfied with a "mere pittance of opportunities." There are three reasons why people have low self-esteem:

1. Social environment

When you are surrounded by negative people, chances are you will become negative in life. Yes, uncaring words uttered by your loved ones are powerful enough to make you believe that you are nothing but a good -for- nothing- fellow and do not deserve any respect. Toxic people around are oftentimes the source of this negative thoughts, thus, be careful with the thoughts you entertain and spare yourself from their cruelties!

2. Education

Wrong education from wrong people creates one wrongly educated. No matter how you convince yourself that you are good, nice and kind to everyone if you were not given a chance to have a positive assessment of yourself, you will not be a positive influence to others. You will tend to wallow in fear, hide in your shell and never never try a bit to expose yourself to the world of achievement, success and happiness. Education- the bad one--can unmake your potentials! Get rid of it before you miss your chance of getting the self-esteem you should have to put the world at your fingertips.

3. Self-Belief

Believing yourself as no good, is not good. Making yourself your worst enemy by believing the reverse of your innate goodness and all, is the most dangerous thing you can do to yourself. Reclaim your true worth and start making a life. Yes, self-belief should be positive to become positive. Never entertain negative thoughts to ruin your chance of feeling happy, confident and the like for the rest of your life.

The above mentioned things are just but a few reasons why people are having problems with their self-esteem. Always muster your courage to gain confidence and see yourself soaring to the top! Yes, it is about time to do something positive now, than-- later.

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