If sertnin is taken ut frm the bdies f animals

Posted by jack mejia on September 14th, 2017

If sertnin is taken ut frm the bdies f animals, thrugh diets r drugs, these animals manifest vilent behavir. Researchers have discvered that men arrested fr murders have mre reduced levels f sertnin cmpared t PerformX Testo nn-impulsive ffenders. In additin, it is prven that children having a lw level f sertnin als develp vilent behavir. High levels f teststerne during the intrauterine perid and the early years f life seem t lead t predispsitins fr high frms f aggressin. Reinisch discvered that girls whse mthers where administrated with teststerne during their pregnancy have shwn mre aggressive behavir in their adulthd, than girls frm the cntrl grup. Analgus, teenager bys having high levels f teststerne respnd mre aggressively when they are prvked, thugh the effects are nt unilateral. Studies shw that dminating thers and manifesting aggressive behavir increases the level f teststerne. Furthermre, genetic variatin plays an imprtant rle regarding the ccurrence f bilgic differences. 

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