Signs You May Need Professional Psychological Help

Posted by lizjelinek on September 14th, 2017

Before getting into the signs and symptoms of mental issues, you may want to reconsider what you know about getting professional assistance for your mental conditions. Psychological astrology is an entire field that connects astrology to psychology and is helpful when you can't figure out the cause of the problem. Even where source of the mental disturbance is fairly obvious, insights into family history and your birth date and month can bypass all the traditional therapy methods to get directly to the root of the issue.

Whatever you decide, below are a few signs you many need some form of psychotherapy.

You Are Going Through Intense Emotions

It is normal to feel sad and angry every once in a while but the regularity of these emotions as well as their intensity are a good indication on whether you need therapy. If your feelings of anger or sadness can be accurately described as catastrophic, you should consider seeking treatment. If you are having panic attacks or blowing challenges out of proportion to the point you are barely able to function, it may be time to get help. Finally, if you have more bad days than good you may also want to seek treatment.

You Have Been Through a Traumatic Event

There are many traumatic events that occur in the course of life including a particularly difficult breakup, death in the family or losing a job. Although these situations hurt, the pain and grief subsides over time. Overwhelming grief to the point you cannot function properly or causes you to withdraw from society may need professional attention. You may also find a relatively small event causing grief, sadness or suffering that is not proportional to the event itself. This situation may be a sign of unresolved issues from the past. The center of psychological astrology recommends therapy that gets right to the heart of the issue and working with the patient to resolve it using the patient's own inherent resources.

 You Are Abusing Drugs or Alcohol

Binge drinking every once in a while may be understandable but constant drug or alcohol use may be a sign feelings that you are hoping to numb. Constantly thinking about drugs and alcohol even if you don’t take action is also another red flag that you may need therapy. Food is also a substance that you could potentially abuse so watch out for signs of overeating or not eating at all.

There are many causes for mental anguish that a brain trauma specialist trained in psychological astrology can help you identify and deal with. There is no shame in seeking help if you suspect that you may need therapy.  

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