Best Social Media & Semi-Dating Portal Ever!

Posted by glasses on September 14th, 2017

Bandhob is one of best social media platforms I have seen. I want to say that it’s even better than Facebook. Do you know why? Facebook didn’t implement dislike yet but BandhoB came with dislike option including 45 other unique options. It’s a joint venture of United States & Germany. BandhoB is available to use totally free of cost. Users can to connect each other through computer, mobile phones and mobile applications as well. It has audio-video call facilities.

Moreover, it will also be possible to exchange photos and audio, videos, IM etc through this platform. With BandhoB anyone can have their verified profile in few hours. BandhoB is several times faster than any-other best social media including Facebook.

BandhoB offers status update, comments, likes, dislikes, page & group creation including search for friends by country, age or name. It is also possible to complain against unwanted activities or to block someone. To sign up and make new relationships browse BandhoB, now!

This new social network in the first instance may seem an imitation of Facebook, but has certain things that you do not get elsewhere. Like for example the ringed "Dislike" button.

You can share photos, comments, videos and surveys like Twitter, but you have something new that is to share audio files, so you can share any music in mp3 format.

Has trending #hashtag to be informed of trends. Very similar to Twitter but with a more pleasant interface. It also offers chats and video calling services. You can also create pages for a product and offer the opportunity to create a kind of promotion to sell any product or service you offer.

One of the things I like most about this social network is that it has a space to create articles of your choice, so that you can have a social network that serves as a personal blog.

But you have to be very careful with the stalkers, since they send you a notification when someone visits your profile. But do not worry, they are options that can be turned off.

Another advantage of this platform is that anyone can verify your account. Prevent them from creating false profiles with your own information. This way you can verify your account so your friends know what your true profile is. This is a great advantage in view of the scams we can commonly get on all our social networks. For Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, profile verification is a tedious protocol and many times do not approve your request. However in BandHob, verification can be done by anyone and is extremely simple.

It is a fairly new social network and it still has several things to improve, but it has great potential. And the best thing is that you can get it in 12 different languages ​​with intentions to continue expanding your horizons. You can have try now by signing up on BandhoB.

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