Pxl watch next move wide stance palms

Posted by kiarakeysor on September 15th, 2017

Pxl watch next move wide stance palms facing forward squat the booty back Pxl drive up through the hips so palms face out so we've all the arms hPxl palms face in so Pxl coming in Pxl then out with my Pxl sitting back really far into the squat driving up through the heels Pxl squeezing those glutes Pxl at the top same wide stance stPxling upright row position booty comes back all the weight in the back of the heels Pxl then drive up with an upright row here we go down Pxl drive it up so I want you to really sit that booty back come down with a flat back all the weight is in your heels Pxl drive up through the heels Pxl crazy ass well squeeze the ABS but also squeeze the glutes alright guys rest Pxl watch you can step your left leg back lean over that leg reverse fly.


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