How to Backup WHM/cPanel Data More Effectively With Jetbackup?

Posted by JetApps on September 15th, 2017

Is it important to backup your website? Of course, Yes. Unfortunately not enough new website owners ask this question. But, it is very important to backup your website regularly.

What could go wrong?

There are many ways data could be lost including, but not limited to:

• Human Errors
• Natural disaster
• Hardware failure
• Hackers
• Catastrophic server failure
• Data loss during upgrades

To avoid these unfortunate scenarios, we have to backup our cPanel WHM data regularly.

Why should one use JetBackup?

JetBackup has many advantages over traditional backups. Let’s take a look at some of these unique features!

Hourly Backups: It allows you to back up your accounts on an hourly basis. It is a must have an option for dynamic websites with frequently changing data.

Jobs per Reseller/Package: You can charge extra for packages that have backup functionality enabled or provide added value to your hosting clients by enabling backups per cPanel package.

Backup Job Rating: You can predict how well your backup job will perform to make your backup job as efficient as possible.

Incremental Remote Backups: These Incremental Remote Backups are helping to reduce the backup space. You only need to back up your entire system once. After your first full backup, future backups will only take up space from changed files.

Multiple Destinations: JetBackup helps cPanel WHM Auto Backup to multiple supported backup destinations including Amazon S3, local backups, Dropbox, remote SSH, and remote FTP.

Single File Restore: WHM and cPanel Restore Database, emails, files, cron jobs, etc. JetBackup’s exclusive self-Restore GUI will help to restore everything with a touch of a button.

Sell Backup Services: You can easily create backup products for your clients and link them to their existing hosting accounts using the Jet Backup Manager WHMCS module.

These are all benefits of using JetBackup. You can limit jobs per package/reseller. It allows you to perform multiple backup jobs to multiple destinations. You can backup directly to the remote destination. cPanel users will get self-restore GUI. You can easily download files from local/remote backup. It gives API Access to backup/restore.  JetBackup allows single file restore from local/remote backup. You can limit backup space/inodes for users. You can clone accounts by schedule between servers. You can sell backup services using WHMCS module. Using JetBackup you can create and run multiple backup jobs simultaneously.

JetApps offers the innovative backup solution called JetBackup. It has many advantages over the traditional backup solutions. Install JetBackup in Minutes. No Credit Card Required. Start your FREE 10-Day Trial of JetBackup Today. Price starts from as low as .95/month per license. To know more about cPanel Backup Database, please visit our website HERE:


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