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Posted by nabeelshaukat on January 3rd, 2011

Every Bicycle Tire takes Niche Marketing to Perfection

Every Bicycle Tire provides niche content with an emphasis on customer service and depth of knowledge

 Central Florida, USA, January 3, 2011: Every Bicycle Tire has a strategy of niche marketing. It is a perfect example of how a niche website looks like and how a niche website operates. The founders of Every Bicycle Tire believed that niche was the way forward; therefore, they adopted this strategy, and have been successful in providing niche content. The key success factors of Every Bicycle Tire include an emphasis on customer service, greater depth of knowledge, and a focused approach.

The entrepreneurs of Every Bicycle Tire saw that customer value could be created by listing all the bicycle tires by size. Other websites, competitors and manufacturers list bicycle tires by family or type, but Every Bicycle Tire lists tires by their size. The sizes of tires start from the smallest 12” to the largest 29”. This makes it easier for the visitors to navigate and creates greater user experience.

The best feature that makes this website unique and different from other websites is its filtering and sorting tools. Firstly, as mentioned earlier, the tires can be sorted according to the size. Then they can be filtered according to the type of bead such as tubular, fiberglass, folding etc. You can also filter the tires according to their color. There is a wide range of colors of tires. Tires can also be filtered according to their weight and width. You can choose tires from a range of weight from 100 grams to above 800 grams. Similarly tires can be sorted depending on their width which ranges from 13 millimeters to above 76 millimeters. You can also filter the tires according to the manufacturer so that you can find the tires of your favorite manufacturer with ease.

The filtering and sorting tools are not limited to tires. This feature also helps you to filter rims, wheels and inner tubes. The rims can be sorted according the features such as type, size, weight, metal, spoke holes and design. The wheels can be filtered depending on their color, weight, type and spokes. The inner tubes can be sorted according to the features such as size of presta valve, weight and width. 

Its hard to find any other website with such a “fine tooth filtering” feature. This is what Gayle Gorlewski, Head of Product Development, has to say about this website "No other website can really match what we do because we built our website from the ground up around our filtering philosophy”.

Every Bicycle Tire believes in providing best customer service and user experience. Therefore, the format and appearance of the website has been carefully designed to be user friendly and pleasant to see. Gayle Gorlewski highlighted this feature and said “… our website is not a template where every page looks the same, our customers are glued to the website and we get compliments all the time."

Every Bicycle Tire covers a broader range of tires. Many of the tires listed on this website are not found on other competitor websites. Another unique feature of Every Bicycle Tire is that it even provides brands which were previously thought to be extinct.

Reviews of professionals who actually know about the tires are available on this website. These reviews help the visitors to decide which size or type of tire will suit best to their needs and requirements. To help customers decide which tire to purchase, in-house photography on many items is available on the website.

The website has many simple but effective tools of comparison. These tools help the visitors in comparing different products and in deciding which product will fulfill their needs.

Every Bicycle Tire successfully follows a strategy of niche marketing and offers a great selection of tires. The website is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. The sorting and filtering tools, comparison tools and professional reviews help customers in choosing the best tire which suits their needs.

About Everybicycletire:

EVERY BICYCLE TIRE, also known as EB Tire LLC, is a Tire Company that has been founded to promote and sell bicycle tires and wheels. It promotes sales both through the Internet catalog and bicycle shops. EB Tire also sponsors tires and jerseys for cyclists all over the world.

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