A Complete Guide to Eternity Rings

Posted by BarbaraTipple on September 16th, 2017

Love is a beautiful thing. Traditionally, rings are presented and exchanged by lovers to signify their love and commitment. These days, there are numerous choices to choose from. From promise rings to bracelets, to engagement rings and eternity rings.

An eternity ring, less popularly known as an infinity ring, is a band constructed to be worn on the fingers. The band is made of precious metal like gold or platinum with symmetrically shaped gemstones circling the band. Diamonds are usually the choice of gems embedded into the band. The rings symbolize unending love, and it is often given from a man to a woman. Sometimes, eternity rings are the preferred choice of designer engagement rings. These rings require serious craftsmanship and are usually made by skilled jewellers. Typically, these rings are pricey, and the more gems are chosen to be used in the crafting of the ring, the higher your bill. Just as the prices of UK designer engagement rings and UK designer bracelets vary with quality, so does the cost of the eternity ring vary?


  • Perfect gifts for special/ romantic occasions: Eternity rings are usually given at special occasions. They act as perfect substitutes for the traditional UK designer bracelets or rings. Memorable moments in a couple's relationship like an anniversary, a birthday, and the birth of a child or even Valentine's Day can be marked with an eternity ring.
  • Invented by early Egyptians: Carvings very similar to the form of the eternity ring have been found by archaeologists on ancient Egyptian tombs. The carvings depict circular bands which had gems all around them.
  •  Practicality: The rings come in full eternity rings with diamonds running all around the band and then the half eternity ring. The half eternity ring is only half covered with gems running along the face of the ring. The half eternity rings are said to be more practical as they are less likely to catch on to materials and cause possible rips to clothes. With the full eternity ring, one has to be more careful and conscious of hand movements.
  • Durability: These rings are highly precious due to the gems they carry and are usually long lasting. These rings can be passed down as heirlooms to children, grandchildren and generations following.
  • Diamonds: Diamonds are considered to be one of the rarest and most precious stones there is, and since they are often the gems built into an eternity ring, they are a perfect complement as they symbolize eternal love, longevity, and everything good in a relationship.
  • Substitute for engagement rings: An eternity ring can be worn instead of a designer engagement ring. It can also be worn with an engagement ring on the fourth finger of the left hand, even though it can be worn on other fingers also.
  • Requires skilled craftsmanship: The most beautiful eternity rings are crafted by hand by an experienced jeweller, and this requires a high level of craftsmanship. The length of the band has to be precisely cut to the wearer's fit, the melding of the band strip into a circle has to leave no visible joining, and the setting of the stones has to be measured and fit perfectly.
  • Available for men: Typically, rings are considered as a woman's jewellery. However, fashion and modern times have made it available to both sexes. Famous male icons openly wearing these rings have had an enormous impact on the number of men wearing eternity rings.
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