A Few Tips to Install Tile Above an Underfloor Heating System

Posted by joietadutta on March 3rd, 2011

Underfloor heating is fast becoming an important part of human life today. Those living in the United Kingdom are well-versed with the fact how frosty winters affect an individual's life. Stepping down warm feet on the cold floor runs a shiver through out your body. The feeling itself is repulsive leave aside the actual experience. Just imagine the feel of warm tile under your feet on a frosty morning. This would simply start your day off right. What else you want in winters. This piece of article provides you an interesting piece of information following which you can install tile over room warmers all yourself.

o Make use of a smooth-edge trowel and spread an even layer of thin set mortar over the <a href="http://www.ambient-ufh.co.uk">Underfloor heating mats</a> . Prepare a mixture of mortar and latex additive to give flexibility during the cooling and heating of the heat. Leave the mortar layer to dry for the night. The installer of the under floor room warmer might have installed the mortar to cover up the heating cables.

o Measure the width and length of the room to find out the centre of the room. Find out the length measurement's center and draw a chalk line. Repeat the same procedure for width. The place where this line traverse is the center most location of your room. With the help of a smooth-edge trowel apply tile mastic.

o Put the tile into this mastic carefully following the chalk lines for keeping the rows straight. Lay spacers between different tiles for leaving the space for grout. Keeping spreading the paste and placing the tile until all tiles have been installed.

o Trim down the unfinished tiles to the size adjacent the wall by making use of tile nippers or a wet saw. Put these tiles into the mastic and let the newly spread tile to dry overnight.

o Next, take out the tile spacers. Now, make use of a grout trowel to spread grout in the space left between the tiles. Prepare a mixture of grout and latex additive. Application of this mixture helps prevent cracking from contraction and expansion of heated floor. Use a damp sponge to wipe grout off tiles face. Leave it to dry overnight.
Keeping a tab on the above-mentioned tips you can easily tile over an <a href="http://www.ambient-ufh.co.uk">Electric floor heating</a> . Tile's capability to radiate and hold heat from under floor room warmers proficiently provides the benefit of both the beautiful floors and low electricity bills. Installing tile on a floor is an extremely easy job that you can do yourself without having to seek the help of professionals. Installing a tile is a do-it-yourself job but selecting the right tile is a difficult task. Natural stone and ceramic tile are the perfect choice for a heated floor.

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