Automatic mechanical watch do not go how to do?

Posted by jewelrybrand on September 16th, 2017

Mechanical watch do not go for a lot of reasons, such as: there are bumps, movement gear dislocation, watch by the magnetic, shelved for a long time the mud and so on, will cause mechanical watches do not go.Automatic mechanical watches do not go how to do? Mechanical watches can usually be divided into the following two: manual winding and automatic winding watch. Manual winding watch is to rely on hand for power, if the watch suddenly stopped, you have to consider the lack of motivation. Manual winding watch should be as much as possible at the same time every day winding, so that the watch in the next 24 hours have enough energy to operate.The principle of automatic winding watch is to rely on automatic Tuo in any direction can be tightened on the winding of the role of automatic winding mechanism to run. General automatic watch should be worn in the hands of more than 8 hours a day to make up the amount of hair, but not absolute. So if you do not wear for a long time, or wear after the lack of exercise, will lead to mechanical watches do not go. For such a situation, you can use manual winding method to solve. It is noteworthy that more than 40 hours did not wear the automatic winding watch, should be worn again, the crown rotation of 20 laps to start the movement of the drive system again.If the mechanical table does not go because the Cartier love bracelet replica lack of kinetic energy is not enough, that is, mechanical watch failure, and need to be sent to the professional maintenance staff that to repair. Remember not to talk about mechanical watches apart.Whether it is manual or automatic winding watch, the principle is to rely on mechanical gear and winding of the drive and run, rotation will inevitably produce friction, so the use of a long time necessary to refuel, lubrication, to reduce parts wear rate.”(Chronometer)”, this is your contact with advanced watches will encounter a vocabulary. Many people face this appellation feeling unpredictable, and even directly from the literal understanding: those known as the “Observatory table” watch should be the world’s major observatory of the researchers wear a very precise professional use of the table, and even some Ordinary people can not touch the function.It is not the case, and “Observatory table” with those who have large telescope units do not have a little relationship. Observatory table and a slightly professional vocabulary – “Observatory certification” is about the same thing, and Switzerland, a special watch for the major watch factory watch the accuracy of the official institutions, the abbreviation C.O.S.C .. In the early years, Patek Philippe won many awards for this contest. But to know, mechanical watches as long as the error every day in the -4 ~ +6 seconds between the standard, because its accuracy in line with 99.99% of the specification. Like Rolex, Polaroid table can usually control the table difference in two seconds, is the world’s most accurate mechanical watch one, so the mechanical movement of the Observatory table is accurate, if the accuracy of the table, Quartz Cartier love ring replica watch or atomic clock than the mechanical watch many times, but also lost the great charm of the machine.In the field of watches, diving tables, airports, racing tables and so on are really to the divers, aircraft pilots, racers developed in line with their special needs of the watch, these tables in the waterproof, anti-magnetic, solid Sexual and timing functions have a unique design, and “Observatory table” with those who have large telescope units have no relationship.Observatory table with a slightly professional vocabulary – “Observatory certification” is one thing, and the Swiss one specifically for the major table factory watch the precision of the institutions, the abbreviation for C.O.S.C ..In order to obtain the Observatory certification, each movement must be in C.O.S.C. for 16 days and 24 hours without interruption to accept three kinds of temperature and five kinds of location test. The items evaluated by the test include average daily speed, average speed change, maximum speed change, speed difference at different positions, maximum speed difference, temperature impact value, and continuous speed of 7 items. [1]Through this body harsh detection of the watch movement is the “Observatory table movement”, and in the dial on the glimpse of the “Chronometer” words, table box there is a beautiful certificate. More is the form of sampling, that is, each pass a representative of a batch of qualified; a lot of strict testing in history, and C.O.S.C. often held travel time accuracy of the game.Automatic mechanical movement, is relative to the hand of the winding of the mechanical watch, the automatic mechanical movement watch is the automatic winding of the watch, is the use of the bottom of the movement of the automatic disk around the power generated to drive the hair To produce energy, but the relative thickness of the watch itself will be thicker than the average hand of the watch. Automatic mechanical watch how to maintain maintenance? The main note the following:Avoid vibrationAutomatic mechanical movement of the watch need to have the Cartier nail bracelet replica appropriate amount of activity in order to make it continued on the normal operation (in the wearer when the amount of activity may be too slow when walking, this is a normal phenomenon. 30 times, so that the winding winding), although the shock of the watch, but when the impact of the outside world is easy to make the axis of the shaft or wheel shaft broken, but also can slow down the impact of vibration.Anti-magneticAlthough many watches are not easy to use magnetic non-magnetic material production, but by the impact of magnetic field still can not be ignored. TV, radio speakers, backpack or bag on the magnetic buckle are likely to lead to the table by the magnetic field, travel time are not allowed.WaterproofTry not to watch with a swim, wash clothes. If you do not accidentally water, can not pull out the table to adjust the watch, and to immediately dry, the sea can not touch. Even if the waterproof table, can only have a year of waterproof protection, because the table after a year of wear and tear, plus sweat, dust and other inevitable external factors, will be tired, so a year later You must change the new waterproof ring, otherwise there is no waterproof function. As the table head more prominent, to try to avoid it by the bumps, and, should pay attention to the head and the case of the gap, too small will affect the operation, and the General Assembly affect the waterproof performance, but also beautiful.

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