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Posted by Maggie on September 18th, 2017

Double XP Weekend is coming out from September 15th 12:00 UTC to September 18th UTC 12:00. RuneScape Fans dont't miss the time. Prepare runescape gold for Double XP Weekends.After the end of Double XP, the update will bring a new blueprint on September 18.

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We do not want you to miss these cute inventions XP or worse packs - it feels necessary to wait until the next double XP week to find them. That's why expanded the blueprint of + 50% XP in the two weeks after the release. Please note that after the completion of Double XP Weekend, other inventive training methods will not be improved.

And so please notice:

On the weekend of Double XP Weekend, you can discover your own content as you please. It will only give you access to more new blueprints and you will be able to take full advantage of the following two weeks.There is no need to insist on inspiration. It was deleted with the update on the 18th, so use it!When you arrive on Monday, please unlock any new blueprints immediately. There is no reason to wait.There's an amazing double XP weekend, guys, we'll see all the inventions you can handle in the 18th game. Remember to buy RS gold at rsorder.com to use coupon code 'RSYK5' for the uncoming double XP weekend.

The awesome new Runefest App is now live!It'll run on any device with a browser, and is your one-stop shop for maps, activity lists, schedules, live streams and merch store previews.As a Progressive Web App, it can be accessed through your device's browser or installed straight onto your phone – no app store necessary.Try it now and have this indispensable tool right to hand on 23rd September.

Big surprise! The time training comes back to the train to help you with the new Protean Power-Ups.Please pay attention to that the new Protean Power-Up can speed up your protein culture every five minutes. A stack of up to 2 hours of quick training! This is your best chance to get you have been working hard on the level, so go to treasure hunters and stock up as much as possible Runescape 2007 Gold on our professional store-rsorder ,you will enjoy 5% discount, And don't forget to use the coupon code: RSYK5 to save money.
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