The Importance of Bitumen Emulsion

Posted by Metal Barrier on September 18th, 2017

Bitumen emulsion is a blend of fine drops of bitumen and water. But as you might be aware that the bitumen is a petroleum product so it doesn't mix with water. It is sticky in nature and it doesn't easily get disintegrated into fine drops. To overcome this issue an emulsifier is used along with it. Emulsifies is basically the surface active agent. Emulsifier maintains the bitumen in its fine drops by disallowing it to blend with other droplets. As the drops are well enough they can be then suspended in water. There are different Bitumen Emulsion Suppliers in India from where you can buy the product. There are various reads why Bitumen emulsions are required they are:-

For road construction

Bitumen emulsions are used broadly in bituminous road construction. Leaving this they are also used for the maintenance and the repair work.

Can be used in Rains

Bitumen Emulsions Suppliers in India explain that bitumen can be used in wet weather. So if it is raining also you need not worry.

It has eco-friendly properties

It is water based and has eco-friendly properties. Bitumen emulation is also used in soil stabilization in the desert region.

Other properties of Bitumen Emulsion

No extra heat is required while placing Bitumen. In placing and laying of Bitumen there is no wastage even. Anti-stripping properties are also present in Bitumen.

Usage of Bitumen emulsion on roads

On the surface of roads, rapid setting type of emulsion is used. Medium setting sorts of the emulsion are used in premixing of bitumen emulsion and coarse amassed. For the slow setting type of emulsion are used with fine amassed as the facade area is huge and needs time for uniform mixing.

While using Bitumen emulsion it should be kept in mind that for every type of work same Bitumen emulsion cannot be used. Even the storage life for different types of bitumen is different. So before buying or making the use of bitumen you should contact Bitumen Emulsion Suppliers in India and ask them for all sort of information.


Bitumen is of different grades and quality, so according to the work or repair, you should choose the type of Bitumen. Talking about the shelf life, different bitumen comes with different expiry date.  Bitumen has many eco-friendly properties which make it a critical material for effective construction work.

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