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Posted by Maggie on September 19th, 2017

The Fossil Island comes for a few time, here are some new changes about cheap runescape 2007 gold and Fossil Island below.We have moved an aviary into the Verdant Valley to help access through Mushtree,The typo that appears in the dialogue when talking to Peter in a fossil camp has been fixed,Players will no longer be able to walk on some of the water in the Fossil Island Wyvern cave,Spelling errors when checking calcite have been fixed

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Sulliuscep mushrooms

The number of XP acquired from Sulliuscep mushrooms has increased to 90.8xp per cut,The amount of fossil obtained from Sulliuscep mushrooms has been reduced,The number of Sulliuscep hats from Sulliuscep mushrooms has been polished

Volcanic mine

Volcano's store prices have fallen by about 30%,The number of experiences gained from volcanic mines has risen by 40%,Damage from meteorites in volcanoes decreases from 15-30 to 15-20,According to the stability of the mine, the possibility of meteorites in the volcano is slightly lower,You can no longer join the mine that has entered the preparation phase。

If there are multiple boulders in the volcano, you can only dig one to move another,For those who maintain mine stability, there is already more generosity

Other Fossil Island changes

According to the promise, giant seaweed can get 6 soda ash during combustion and is compatible with Superglass,You can now use Numulites to collect old wall shields.,The misspelling of the message that appears when checking the completed display case has been corrected

From fossil camps to hardwood patches, adding a new shortcut that requires 70 agility,Typographical errors occurred while repairing Herbiboars,Ancient Qi stone glass box is now large enough to accommodate the exhibition,Tray is now present in fossil camps,Ancient Weiling shield placeholder has been fixed,Varrock Museum shows no placeholder check text,Task magazine now tracks the rest of the contents of the fossil camp,Some blocking has been added to the house in the mountains
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