Video Games Can Be Beneficial Too

Posted by AngeloEverton on April 18th, 2011

There is this common thinking that video games are nothing but contributors of violence among the youth. Parents are even hesitant of letting their children play these games because it can lead to video game addiction. However, the positive aspect of these video games outweighs the negative. These have become the common mode of recreation for children and adults. Though there are some reported bad effects, still these should not stop you from truly enjoying some of the benefits given by these games.

In the early years, a video game is composed of vacuum tubes (8 in total) which help simulate a missile firing target. This machine is known as the Cathode Ray Amusement Device which was developed by Estle Ray Mann and Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. After this, several games were introduced to bring entertainment to the young and young at heart. During those days, Spacewar was the most popular game. It pitted two players (who each have spaceships) against each other, that can fire missiles. After several innovations, we now come to appreciate the video games that we enjoy today. The advent of graphic card brought a new huge transformation in the gaming industry. With these, games become even more realistic and 3D video games are even available to let you experience a whole new world of gaming.

It should be accepted that video games are very popular among the youth today. This should not be perceived as a bad thing but you need to look at the bright side of it. Think of it as an added recreational option for your child. The games are highly enjoyable and you might even be surprised that you also enjoyed playing. Instead of prohibiting your child to play, you can just play with them and guide them in selecting the right game for their age.

Also, not all games have violence and promote negativities. There is also a plethora of educational video games that offers wholesome entertainment and education. Quiz games, and a number of other video games can even serve as a fun way to get your kids interested in learning. Studies also show that those who play games as a form of recreation are able to improve their hand-eye coordination. Gamers undertake unique actions with their console as they play. You will notice that the kids’ reflexes are at their prime hence they also improve in other aspects such as outdoor sports.

But still there are some who are not persuaded by the benefits of video games. Some people will feel that these games bring nothing to their lives but others see these games as a way out of releasing their stress. There is no doubt that the games will still form part of our leisure time. And it’s best to consider these video games as an alternative for leisure. The benefits are there, such as promoting coordination and of course help in relaxation.  And if you are lucky, you can even find games in the market that can be educational.

Still undecided on what video games you want to play? You can find numerous ideas on the latest games today by visiting some relevant sites and forums.

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