Know How Choosing the Right Paint Can Inspire Productivity

Posted by capitalpainter on September 19th, 2017

Your office space should be designed in such a way that is lets you and your employees work efficiently and productively. It should also make a good impression on visitors and customers. This can be achieved by choosing the right furnishings, setting up a good layout, and using the right paint. Did you know that colour can greatly contribute to the state of mind of your workers—and to the impression you make on clients? Colour psychology can help you foster a certain environment or mood that can help stimulate creativity, energy, or foster a calm or soothing environment. Office painters in London can help you in choosing the right colours and design a palette for the desired effect depending on the location and activity involved in a particular area.

Research has shown that certain colours can affect people in different ways. For instance, yellow colours help boost morale by encouraging a cheerful mood. They can be helpful if you need to inspire creative thinking. Yellow also has a calming effect in combination with greens and blues.

Meanwhile, green colours help with productivity and has an invigorating effect. They are best used for locations where people tend to work long hours. However, too much of it might slow your people down. That is why it is a good idea to pair it with yellow or orange to help balance it out.

Shades of blue can boost productivity as they stimulate mental activity. It is great for areas where critical thinking is needed, like meeting rooms or rooms for company decision makers. Blue is the colour of truth, so it is a good option if you want clients to see your company as trustworthy and reliable.

Orange colours help with concentration and can aid in blocking out distractions. A nice muted orange will foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere. More intense shades are recommended only as accents as they can cause strain when used too much.

Reds are great for physical stimulation and can promote interaction and movement, so it is good to use it areas where conversation is needed or encouraged. They are also great for sales areas, conference rooms, and contact centres. As with other colours, intensity should be minded as over saturation of colours like red and orange can cause anxiety and even anger. It may be best to use them as accents.

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This article is written by Christine Huc, who is associated with Capital Painter. Capital Painter is a leading residential painting and decorating company in London. They have experienced and detail-oriented painters and decorators to provide a complete range of painting facility that includes interior as well as exterior painting services.

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