The 4 Skincare Mistakes That Damages Our Skin on a Daily Basis

Posted by James Spencer on September 19th, 2017

There are several amongst us who constantly bicker about skin problems. Acne, dark spots, skin ageing and several other issues constantly take the better of us while we look out for skin care products in Australia that would bring back smooth and supple skin. Well, skin problems aren’t something that comes along naturally, and there are numerous reasons behind it. The pollution, contact with bacteria, use of improper skin care products, unhealthy diet, an undisciplined lifestyle and the lethargy involved in caring for the skin on a daily basis are the culprits behind a bad skin.

A lot of us do not realise that the everyday tasks that we undertake is the reason behind unhealthy skin and often look out for expensive products with the thought that it would be of some help but in vain. Here are a few daily mistakes that we perform unknowingly and are the major reasons behind the problems that we face with our skin and that seem to have no solution.

The wrong cosmetic products

The type of skin care products that you used during your teens wouldn’t have a positive effect on your skin after numerous years. While we age, our skin ages as well and that is when the skin finds the need for the right products that are likely to enhance its texture and bring out the glow. Taking help from an expert on skin care and bath accessories in Canberra can help you know the type of products that suit your skin and how it can enhance your looks.

Not bathing after workouts

No everyone likes to bathe after a workout thinking that the sweat would not be secreted once the body touches the water. Well, it is a myth that several follow and the reason why we want you to bathe after a workout session is that the equipment that you make use of, i.e. the Yoga mat or the handles of the gym equipment are not sanitised and contain a lot of bacteria that rubs against your skin and hands which eventually lead to breakouts and acne that are painful.

The phone that you use

We take our phones along with us almost everywhere. We keep it on tables at restaurants, pockets, bags and several other places while allowing it to unknowingly come into contact with bacteria. While we talk, the screen tends to touch our face, mostly the cheeks and that result in acne and blemishes. Even after we are done talking, the screen retains makeup and cosmetics from your face which later creates problems for your face. Therefore, there is this constant need to keep your phone screen clean and sanitised that removes trapped dust and other germs.

Dirty Bed linen

There are several who feel that changing bed linen frequently damages its texture and allows the colour to fade away. What they do not know is that bed linen traps dry skin, body oils, cosmetic residues, sweat, dirt from the body and hair. All of this is extremely harmful to your skin even when you sleep after washing your face well. The pillowcase is known to be a witness of all such elements which results in clogged pores and skin that is itchy all the time. Therefore, it is often suggested to change the linen every week and pay special attention the pillowcase that is expected to be clean.

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