Why invest in an R4 karte?

Posted by juliabennet on April 20th, 2011

Buying an R4 karte is an investment and nothing else. You may have some premonition when someone tells you that you can use the R4 card with your Nintendo DS but as soon as you start using the card you know that the money that you spent has been spent on something really good. And when we talk of spending money we are not talking about a huge expense. The R4 karte is available at very affordable rates and you will find that you spend much more money on many useless things. And money is not the only consideration when you buy the R4 card. There are many more things that go into the reasons.

If you are a Nintendo DS user you will know that there is a limit to the content that it allows you. There are some licensing agreements that Nintendo has to follow and hence they can pack the DS with only limited stuff. Although their limited stuff is still a lot of content, there is much more content available that cannot be used on the DS normally. Movies, music, games and eBooks by the thousands are not normally available on the DS. But when you use the R4 karte then you don’t need to worry because the R4 card can bypass the booting of the DS and load it with content that you have downloaded from the Internet.

Another advantage that the R4 karte gives you is ease of use. You don’t need to know anything about hardware and software and can still use the R4 card. There is a slot in the DS where the R4 karte goes in. When you buy the card you have enough simple instructions on using the card. Simply plug your R4 card in and it is ready to perform. It is not only a plug and play device but a flash card too. So, it doesn’t even need any charging. The earlier R4 cards had a spring mechanism that used to pose some problems for some of the users but the modern cards are very simple to use.

The third reason why you should invest in an R4 karte is because of the sheer amount of content that you can store and use. The R4 card is compatible with micro SD cards and the modern micro SD cards can store up to 32GB of data. This is an amazing amount of content and you can store movies, music files, games and eBooks by the dozen and still there will be a lot of space available.

Get hold of a proper online shopping website and get your R4 karte today. You will never regret the decision when you call your friends over and watch movies, play games and listen to music that are normally not available on your DS. And then you can also read plenty of eBooks on your DS in your spare time that you have stored in your R4 card. A small investment now is going to be big returns tomorrow.

If you want all the content on your Nintendo DS then the best option you have is in an R4 karte. You can buy your R4 card online and save a lot of money.

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