Advantage of Nerve Stimulation for Urinary and Faecal Incontinence

Posted by Arjun Viswanath on September 19th, 2017

What is PTNS(Posterior tibial nerve stimulation)?

PTNS send small electronic signal to the different nerves that control the muscles of back passage and bowel. A small needle is used and inserted in the tibial nerves that exist near the ankle area. This nerve is deeply connected to the back passage of your body. Needle is connected with an electronic stimulator and sends signals to the nerve to regulate your symptoms. During the course, the electronic stimulation is given in the nerves in your ankle and foot area and first the right place stimulation is achieved, you are provided 30 minutes treatment begins and you will feel the electronic stimulation and it is not painful and if there is pain, your treatment session may wear off.

Advantages of (PTNS) Posterior Tibial Nerve Stimulation

1. Improve the functioning of the bladder and Urinary Tract- PTNS improves the functioning of bladder function and also improve the urinary tract. Electronic stimulation helps you to regulate your bladder and urinary system and when the electronic stimulation is given to you after a regular interval and for years, your urinary system starts regulating and you can get constant flow of urine in the body and your bladder respond more effectively. There are safety measures taken by knowing the physical conditions of the patients and after that regular treatment can be given to the patient.

2. Less Chance to Complications- PTNS provides electronic stimulation to the patient and needle is inserted in your ankle area to connect with the nerves in the back passage. It allows easy improvement in the functioning of the nerves and support for the proper functioning of the urinary tract and facal incontinence. Chances of complication are very less as there is not direct touch with the nerves and electronic stimulation push for better functioning of the urinary tract and faecal incontinence.

3. No Implants- As there is no implants done and only electronic stimulation is given which allows the regulating of nerves of the back passage and does not require any implants and helps the patients to regulate the functioning of the body parts.

4. Pain Free Procedure- PTNS is a pain free procedure and patient only feels the tingling sensation in the body which effects on the nerves of the urinary and faecal incontinence. Most of the people are afraid of surgery of the urinary and faecal incontinence as there is much pain included and it also requires much money to attempt.

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