Types and smart features of Bluetooth earphone

Posted by chriscui2016 on September 19th, 2017

As the traditional wired headset completely bound the movement of people, Bluetooth headset through wireless connection is a good solution to this problem. Types of sports Bluetooth headset with the upsurge of movement become more and more, an on market appeared such as in-ear, headset, and ear hanging and with others wearing ways sports Bluetooth headsets. In addition to these, some international big brands and domestic fashion brands such as Cell Phone Age also have launched their own characteristics of the movement Bluetooth headset products. Today let's talk about how to pick a sporty Bluetooth headset that works best for you.

Advantages of Bluetooth earphone

Compared to a lot of with high-tech elements sports products such as sports brackets, mobile Bluetooth headset has not been one of digital products that attract too much user's attention. The reason, in fact, mainly because the user feels that the movement Bluetooth headset is not a necessity of sports, so that casually choosing one will be able to complete the movement. In fact, the choice of sports Bluetooth headset is not so simple as people imagine.

A qualified sport Bluetooth headset should be considered of a lot of elements, such as the sports environment, sports type, wear habits and protective effects, all of which are important criteria of measuring whether a sports Bluetooth headset is suitable for you. Only to choose a sports Bluetooth headset that most suitable for you, you can better to enjoy the fun of music while exercising.

Wearing ways of Bluetooth earphone

If you follow the types of wear, then the movement Bluetooth headphones can be divided into the in-ear, headset and novel bone conduction, their application areas and the applicable crowds are different, let's take a look at these three wearing ways of movement Bluetooth headset each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In-Ear style: this kind of earphone is now the most common sports Bluetooth devices products on the market, which can be divided into the traditional cylindrical cavity ear movement Bluetooth and larger cavity in-ear sports Bluetooth. The advantages of this type of sports Bluetooth headset include excellent sound insulation, with different sizes of ear jackets to ensure wearing comfortable, control buttons are more concentrated, more convenient to carry. The biggest lack of in-ear sports Bluetooth earphone may be too diverse, will inevitably encounter difficulties in selection, and many in-ear style sports Bluetooth earphone with super sound insulation effect when in night running will cause some security risks.

Bone conduction earphone can improve the high safety, such as its less damage to the eardrum. Bone conduction earphones directly transfer sound through the bones, when swimming its sound quality will be better than the traditional sports Bluetooth headset. Bone conduction earphones sound quality is its biggest flaw, and for a long time not able to change its sound quality of the biggest shortcomings, and the price of such item is relatively high, the heavy weight in a long time to wear will bring a strong sense of oppression.

Head wear earphone actually in the gym is the most common, and girls are more like this way to wear sports Bluetooth headset, the main reason is to wear more comfortable, no stuffing, and more stylish appearance which is a major highlight. In additional the price is relatively cheap, able to meet the entry-level users’ needs to listen to music. Its protective effect is not so strong, so that it is easy to be damaged after water invades inside. And in the fierce movement there will be a situation of slipping down.

Smart function of Bluetooth earphone

From the development of sports Bluetooth headset, it is now more than just a digital product gets rid of wire to enhance the fun. With its advantages of own processor and power supply, etc., it has gradually emerged a more intelligent and humane trend, and become a smart digital products. Maybe in the near future, a sports Bluetooth headset really can be your private sports coach.

Now on the market the most popular brand sports Bluetooth headset is good use of the in-ear style that more fit the ear canal. As ear canal skin is very thin, in-ear style headphones can be better fit the ear. Inside the headset also added the chip which can be used to detect heart rate, and have medical certification. In the running and exercise which can be real-time through the APP to detect your heart rate, so that you can monitor the movement more convenient.

This movement Bluetooth headset with heart rate monitoring is a good at integrating the function of sports bracelet, so that you do not have to wear so much complicated and complicated equipment when exercising, which makes it can now be seen as a sports Bluetooth headset model work. But its shortcomings are obvious, such as Bluetooth headset common problem, that is, transmission problems, low bit rate transmission led to the sound quality defects and reduce, so that users can not enjoy the high quality of good sound. At present Mini Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headset Earphone Stereo In-Ear Earpiece for iPhone 6/6plus/6S/6S plus/7/7 plus/8/8 plus/X is offered on sale at only 4.96USD on Cell Phone Age com.

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